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    I’m concentrating on getting into one of the Florida schools so I don’t have to move my family. I’m particularly interested in the schedules for all years and the clerkships. Anyone out there willing to share their experiences?
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    Hi BZMOM,

    I’m not currently attending medical school in Florida, but I did work at UF about 6 years at the medical school while an undergraduate.

    Based on what I observed having freinds at UF medical school, it was NOT “mother friendly” and barely “family friendly”. That’s one of the reasons that despite having family that could help me out near Gainesville, I’d NEVER consider applying there. Things may have change since I last looked into UF about 5 years ago but the school is known for being a “good ol boy” institution. On the other hand, I’ve heard just the opposite about U-Miami, very supporitve of nontraditional students. I’ve also heard similar things about USF, but they tend to have medical students in the typical age range (21-23).

    Good Luck!



    I have to disagree with the above response. I gave birth to my son as a fourth year med student and had LOTS of support….and I certainly wasn’t the first one to do it! When I graduated (Class of 2000), the new first year class was over 50% women! Also, there were two middle-age women who each had 2 school age children who started school the same time I did, but graduated a year behind me because they were allowed to spread the first two years out over three years. The doctor who delivered my son is now the Dean for Student Affairs there as well. I know I am biased—but, family issues aside, UF consistently ranks above any of the other medical schools in the state! Send me a private message if I can answer any more questions. GO GATORS! 😀

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