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    Was wondering if anyone caught the show on Oprah about “things your Mom never told you about motherhood” or something like that.

    It was quite a show.

    Moms giving tearful bits about feeling inadequate, lonely, worried about not bonding, etc.

    Just curious if anyone had any opinions.



    my friend taped it for me and I will get the tape and let you know!

    Ashley SAshley S


    I saw it! I don’t have kids yet, but am considering it.

    WOW 😮 what a show. I was so confused after that hour that I didn’t know what to think. If it is that hard for non-med school moms, how hard would it be for me?

    Especially interesting to me were the topics of regret over a new baby & how the baby changed the marital relationship.

    Anybody else see this show?


    Hi Ashley

    I also do not have kids & was amazed at how these moms felt. I think that more moms probably feel scared, alone, inadequate, worried….etc & are afraid to talk about it.

    I gathered from some of the comments that moms were afraid to admit to others how they felt- fear that they would be considered a “bad” mom. That to me was very sad.

    I don’t know how some moms do the medical school & residency while being a mom. I struggled through and only had myself to take care of (my husband was able to fend for himself 😉 ). So my hat goes off to all those moms who do it all. I guess I’m just not as talented at juggling so many things. :confused:

    Ashley SAshley S

    Hi DrMOO,

    Yes, I thought those things too. It always amazes me how people are too afraid to talk to their friends/family, but will go on national TV to talk about it. 🙂 I wonder what the dads thought about all of this.

    I remembered after I posted about discussing this show with one of my friends, a mom of a 3 y/o. She said she has never had those feelings, even when things were tough. We agreed that it all probably depends on communication & support systems.

    Still, I can’t help but wonder how I would really feel in that situation. My poor husband has had to fend for himself, too. 😉


    Ashley – you are right- It all depends on each situation. The coping skills, the support, the family, the organization, etc

    my colleges who have had kids have stated that priorities change and you do what you need to do & don’t worry about the rest.

    People have been having kids and working and doing what needed to be done for years – so it must work 😉

    Good luck with your decision.


    Ashley SAshley S

    Thanks Dr. Moo,

    You too! 😀

    Now, if we could just get credit at my school for doing research on when to start a family…A+ for me 😀

    Ashley SAshley S

    Dr. Moo,

    They are showing a response to the motherhood show on Oprah today.

    Oprah said that they spent 6 hours taping the special & that the previous show caused a bunch of discussion.

    I hope you get the chance to catch it!



    Thanks for the update- but I was not able to watch- I was working.

    I usually try to see what the week will be showing and I didn’t check for this week so didn;t get a chance to tape it.

    Did you catch it?

    Any interesting points?

    love to hear your opinions


    Ashley SAshley S

    Hi again,

    I watched most, but not all. Pretty much the points were:

    1) MAJOR beef with the woman who said having a baby “sucked” 80% of the time.

    2) Outraged moms saying that motherhood is easy and natural to them.

    3) People admonishing other women for criticizing the moms who had a hard time. Sort of a “Why can’t we all get along?” feel.

    The best part was when Oprah & audience members asked why we as women have to be so critical of others. Why can’t we be nurturing & allow people to voice their concerns? She brought up the point that mothers should be MORE understanding of others.

    Overall, it was very interesting. You can probably catch the aftershow discussion at

    Whew….back to work 🙂


    thanks ashley

    I am sorry I missed it- will have to catch on re-runs.

    I’m really glad though that they mentioned how all mothers/ women should be understanding of the way SOME moms have difficulty and not criticize or condemn them. No wonder it is so hush hush. suffer in silence or get crucified by those who have a perfect experience.

    Ashley SAshley S

    VERY true…

    I have also found some (not all! 😀 )women med students to be “of a different breed” if you will.

    Some people have never failed at or had trouble with anything it seems (or at least won’t admit to it.)

    Anyway, it was interesting. I have decided to just close my ears to what people say. I will just try to have mine when the time is right. 🙂

    So nice to have this discussion with you!


    I agree – the competitiveness is very present in pre-med & med school. 🙁

    You have the right idea though. You and you alone can decide what will work for you. Hard sometimes when others criticize. :rolleyes: Keep on your path.


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