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    Hi all,
    Just wondering if anyone out there ever did any locum tenens work?
    I’m considering this since I recently (about a wk ago) resigned from multispecialty private practice.
    I’m an internist.
    Anyway, just wanted to hear about any experiences, good or bad. Also, any advice would be appreciated!
    Thanks, Mona 😀


    LOCUMS are awesome from yours and my perspective…little committment, everyone is nice bc you are usually bailing them out of a bad situation; good money; you’re gigving the regular guy a break; lots of variety since you are not used to the office or hospital…they often apy your transportation and sometimes have a little house where your kids/husband can stay…
    and the greatest beauty of locums is that you can pick how long or short you want to stay (one long weekend, onew week, one month, or longer)…and if you want to hear about alocums job private-msg me…


    Thanks for all of the info Maggie. I appreciate your input!


    Locum work can be good & sometimes can have some negative things

    🙂 1. flexible: work when you want to
    :crossfingers: 4. Travel: good or bad. I like to stay in my area- be home in the evenings, so that limits my job opportunities. For those that do like to travel- hey it’s a great deal. They pay for travel & hotel or apartment etc. If your family can go with- then may be fun ie over the summer to go somewhere fun.
    :yes: 5. no hassles re: office staff or headaches about the business YEAH!
    :yes: 6. good way to keep skills up when trying to decide what next to do

    hope that helps


    I’ve done a lot of surgery locums.
    Because I have kids, mostly I don’t take long assignments. The housing is usually too small to take a family of four, and the kids can’t be uprooted in school. The best thing is that you get paid overtime. It is easy to come to the hospital at night and wait patiently when you know that the meter is ticking. You don’t have to worry about how much you are billing, although if you are busy it is likely to make the practice happy about the money that you are making. There are spells when there is no work. The lack of benefits are also a bad deal. The money is good, but you would likely make more in a stable position.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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