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    Hello everyone.

    I have questions about course load!

    I have seen this topic discussed in the past, but I just spoke with our “local” (state) medical school admissions director about some questions. She left me feeling a little discouraged.

    My main question is this: how will med schools look at a course load? And, has anyone made it all the way and not went the “traditional route”?

    I’ve heard everything now from as long as grades are good and have some outside things going on, part-time is fine … to must have a full load to show that we can handle the work. She said the latter; although, adcoms will look at extracurriculars and life circumstances, they need to see that we can handle the work.

    I wanted to scream! 😡 If juggling 15 things at once and making it look easy doesn’t show that I can handle the course work, I don’t know what will, no matter how many classes are involved.

    The rational side of me though also knows that this school’s definition of non-trad is, generically speaking, a 29-31 yo 1st years med student who did not go to medical school for several years, but their undergrad was usually traditional.

    Has anyone in these forums realized their dream and not taken full-time load in light of work, financial responsibilites, kids, families, volunteer work? Can a person actually make it via this route?

    Brandi :confused:


    Hi Brandi! This was one of the very things that was asked of me during my interview. I have only managed to take two classes a semester plus the labs for the two and a half years I was back. I was asked how I was going to make the transition from part-time school work to full-time. (By the way, they also commended me too). I explained to them that the main consensus from all of the med students was about four hours of study time a night. I told them that if they took out my forty hour a week work schedule, it left me an extra four hours each night, even when I was done studying. I was also very honest with them. I told them it would probably be hard at the beginning, but with a very supportive husband and my determination, I believed I was up to the task. I will be sure to let you know if they liked my answer (should know whether or not I am accepted in the middle of November). Just keep plugging away and most important, be honest in your interview…work, motherhood, etc. I think that helps. Just my 2 cents. Good luck, and don’t let your course load discourage you. Take what you can manage.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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