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    I would really like to take my MCAT in April and then apply to med school. The problem is I will not have finished all my pre-reqs. I have sufficient knowledge to take the MCAT, but because I have a degree from the UK the med schools need me to take some pre-req courses even though I have covered all the stuff I need for the MCAT before. I need to take Organic I and II and Physics I and II also prbably calculus and a couple of semesters of English. Should I wait another year and apply in 2005? Has anyone else applied before finishing the pre-reqs?



    Hmm, interesting question. Most of the time people are discouraged from applying before finishing because they need the courses for the MCAT. You however, have the coursework experience and just need the US school credits.

    Call the admissions office at several of the schools you are applying to and find out if there will be a bias against your app. if you are still taking the courses. I think any chance you can get to apply sooner makes sense. You’d hate to waste all that money and effort and get rejected because they want those credits on paper first, though.

    Good luck. Let us know what they say because I’m sure there are other people in your position!


    Medical schools are going to want to see possibly more than the pre-reqs if your degree is from overseas. Check with schools for some reason I have seen that they require at least one year of full time coursework? maybe I am wrong but call and ask. As for the MCAT if you know that you have the material down cold then take it by all means. Take the free practice test online at it is number three, and see how you do.

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    i am applying right now and have not completed all my prereqs. when i submitted my AMCAS, i still needed to complete 2 semesters of english and 2 semesters of physics. i took english in the summer, am taking english and physics this semester, and will finish up physics in the spring. i took the MCAT in august 2002, and more or less rocked it – especially physical sciences. so now i’m just taking the courses to have them on my transcript. med schools have seemed pretty open to my situation considering that i already “proved myself” pretty well on the MCAT. some schools required you to have completed all prereqs by a certain date – cornell for instance is jan 1., but even they seem somewhat flexible.

    if you already know the material and are just jumping through the hoops, i bet you will be fine. let the schools know your situation.

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