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    My husband keeps trying to convince me that med school is not the right career path for me. He says that it involves much more time away from family and sacrifices than I imagine. My view is that while I will be very busy (and very stressed at times), being a med student and a mother is possible. My idea: except for clinical year, I expect that I will be away from home or busy most of the day, as with any otehr job. Then, i will ususally have time to be with the family in the evening for dinner, homework, bedtime. Then, unlike any other job, I will have to spend mush of the night(or early am) studying. I realize that many rotations during clinicals and residency (depending on specialty) will mean days/weeks of not seeing the family (i.e. torture), but there will also be some weeks that will allow me to spend time with them. While I do not wish to ever be a way from my children, I think I can still be an important part of their lives. Is this unrealistic?


    I am sure that you have been reading previous posts regarding this issue, if not do a search and you will find a lot. As long as you know what you are getting into then I think it is doable albeit some sacrifices on your part and your family. Residency will require at least 80 hours per week although some residencies may be a little less but I have heard of others (surgical) being more although a law has been passed regarding this issue. Medical school at least the first two years will give you time with your family but during rotations this can fluctuate as you very well know. I think your husband is concerned because you will not be able to participate like you do now within your family. Not only will you be going to class, studying, but you will also be tired, so you may not be your usual self. I would go read some of the posts in the other forums and see how MS1’s are currently doing….to get a better picture. Also have you shadowed? or volunteered in a clinical setting? this will also help to understand just how busy phyisicians can be.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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