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    Hello any aspiring Pediatricians? I practice in
    Chicago and would love to provide mentorship for anyone interested :wave:


    Hi rugrat, I’ll be applying to med school in May 2003. Hopefully I’ll get accepted. I am very imterested in pediatrics. As a matter of fact, I am trying to volunteer at a children’s hospital to get closer to a pediatrician. I have so many questions I don’t even know where to start. Do you have any kids? How old are they? When did you have then? How much time do you spend with them now? Tell me more more more. Well I’ll tell you a little about myself…I will be 29 y/o tomorrow (Dec 7) :goodvibes: Anyway, I’m taking Biochem right now and studying for the April MCAT, I need to do extremelly well :crossfingers: since my GPA is so terrible (with very good reasons). I would love to know what you think my possibilities are, let me know if you are up to mentoring me & I’ll give you the stats about me. On a different note, I feel so good about myself today…I’m addicted to food just as if I was still pregnant, so I put myself on a diet a few day ago and guess what I lost 3lbs, this is very good for me, but its so hard not to eat. Thank you for your time and dedication, Eli


    I want to be a pediatrician more than anything in the world! I’m a little on the young side (a sophomore in college), but I am quite sure that I want to go into pediatrics. I volunteer at the children’s play area at UCLA Med. Center and I love it. I look forward to going every week.

    Anyway, if you are offering to mentor, I am definitely interested (but I’m not sure if you only want to mentor residents since this is in the resident forum).


    Happy Birthday Eli!!! :goodvibes:


    Hello Eli :wave: , Hi UCLABruin :wave:
    Glad to hear it. I would love to mentor all that are interested…as much as time will allow :p . Eli, you fired off quite a few questions…let me try to answer them all. I am a 34 years old and work “part-time” ( I put these in quotes because part-time as a physician means something else in regular work terms. This is a topic for future discussions) at an underserved clinic in chicago. I have 2 children ages 2y and 3 1/2years (I had my first child my first year of residency and my second child in my third year of residency) I love what I do. It was very difficult training and having my kids. But they are my biggest accomplishment. 😀 My husband is very supportive…most of the time. But this life style does take its tow on my family life. I fight to maintain the priority of my family. I did not go straight from college to medical school.I took a few years off and was a elem. school teacher, women’s basketball coach and completed my masters in elem. ed. I feel my background being a mother and former teacher makes me a much better physician. Go for it with the kids Eli. Life waits for no one. I dont believe putting life on hold while pursuing a career in medicine…but there will be many trade offs along the way. I have so much to tell you both and have a very sensitive ear to your concerns. Look forward to talking to you both soon.


    Oh by the way Eli and UCLA Bruin… I had a powerful mentor that showed me the way thru med. school he was truly an inspiration. My only wish is that everyone could have such a person in their life. :yes:


    Thank you so much, rugratdoc (cool name, BTW 🙂 )! It’s so hard to take things one day at a time! I need to make it through finals before I decide if I want to do a fellowship in cardiology. 😀 LOL… I’m crazy, I have so much time!

    Doctortobe ?Doctortobe?

    Hi! I am pretty new to MomMD– What a fantastic resource! 🙂 I am a 26 y/o financial analyst who lives and works in (near) Chicago. I am now re-considering a long time thought of becoming a doctor (I was pre-med for a SHORT time in college before switching to business). I did very well in my few pre-med classes, but am starting over due to the small number of courses taken and the time elapsed. I am just finishing up my first semester of requirements at NorthWestern in the evening. I have a good job, which I reasonably enjoy. But I am not passionate about it, as I believe I would be with Medicine. Anyway to write all of my confused thoughts on this could take all night! :boggled: So here is my question for you… As this would be a MAJOR life decision at this point, I obviously want to make sure that it is something that I am serious about before diving in. I will not be able to take any of my pre-requs this summer because I work full time and summer classes are offered during the day. I was thinking I would like to look into some volunteer opportunities in the medical field to get a better idea of whether this is something I am really cut out for or just a quarter life crisis. The problem is that because of my work schedule/other obligations, my available time is fairly limited (I also work in the suburbs and live in the city-so I commute). Ideally, I would like to put in 2-3 hours in the evenings (i.e. 6:30-9:30 at night) one or two weekdays/week for the summer months. Do you know what types of facilities in Chicago or Northern suburbs might offer this type of flexible volunteer opportunity? Sorry for the long post, but any advice would be appreciated!


    Thanks so much for the invite, Rugratdoc. I am a registered nurse, working in the public health field. I have done so since graduating from nursing school. I have a beautiful two year old daughter and another on the way. I am in a postbac program to finish up the science courses I need to apply to med school. My question for you is how “bad” is residency. Whenever I tell a MD about my aspirations, I get, “Why would you want to do that…residency is awful” or something to the like. With two children and a wonderful husband, sometimes I ask myself if I am setting myself up for trouble. What do you think?



    Hi Katie :wave: ,
    Whew where do I begin :tired: a understatement. I had lots of help. My mother-in-law moved to our state to help care for our children full-time. This was a very mixed blessing…as you can ask any woman…having two women running a household is far from paradise. :goodvibes: .because I would have turned back and ran.
    I am so glad I am where I am today.

    If you feel this is a calling for you….I encourage you to pursue it. It will be difficult..but there are many of us who have gone a head and are looking to give you a helping hand. Feel free to send me a private message and I can talk to you personally. I understand exactly where you are. Nothing worth while comes easy. Go for it. God Bless.


    I’d like to add my 2 cents for Katie, who asked how “bad” residency is with kids. I’m a 3rd year pediatric resident in NY, with 3 kids, and it hasn’t been as bad as I thought it would be. One benefit of being in NY is the Bell Commission which doesn’t allow us to work more than 24 hours. It usually ends up being a little more with sign-outs, but basically for every night that I’m on call I have a day off. I usually use that day to catch up on errands and spend time with my family. I had a call-free month this year when I was basically working 9-5 and felt like I saw my family less than usual. Also, I’d look for a family friendly program like the one I’m in. I’ve learned just as much as my friends in more difficult programs, but haven’t worked nearly as hard and don’t feel that I’ve missed out on very much at all. I can honestly say that I’ve enjoyed residency and will miss it somewhat next year.



    Cool, New York is the most proactive with their residents. There are rules of limiting hours for residents…other states are ever so slow in following. Unfortunately, I finished my residency a year ago…and this was not the case..I worked 90 to 100 hours a week and worked 36 hours continuously when on-call. I hope all of this will change…everywhere…I am sure it will.


    Hi Everybody,

    Just wanted to add my two cents. I am a second year resident in pediatrics, mother of a 3 year old with another due on February 17!! And yes, it has been tough at times..I did my NICU rotation in November when the baby I am carrying was older that some of the patients I was taking care of on the vents! Luckily, my program has been very flexible with the pregnant residents – adjusting our schedules and such. But, it is still very tough being a pregnant-mother-resident.

    Throughout residency, I have had times when I asked myself “What am I doing??” as I told my son good night over the phone on my call nights rather than tucking him in myself. However, I am also blessed with a wonderful and very supportive family.

    I am looking forward to my new son and spending more time with my older son. I don’t regret my decision to pursue medicine and I definitely LOVE PEDS, and I totally agree that being a mommy MD has and will encourage me to become a better pediatrician!



    amen. Mdmom.
    I wish you great strength and health. I had my first child as an intern and my second during my third year of residency. We have survived. It isnt easy but it is nice that we can support each other in a forum such as this.


    rugratdoc, rydys, mdmom, I just want to say thank you for your posts. They are realistic and encouraging at the same time. Something I really value.
    I’m applying to med school this Summer after I take the MCAT in April and finish that last Org class. My husband and I have been very nervous at times about the road ahead of us, we have twin 6 yr old boys and an 8 yr old girl. Funny, at least I know I won’t have to face a stressful residency while pregnant! I commend you all for your strength and perseverence!
    I want to go into pediatrics. I can’t imagine working with any other population. 🙂 I was an Elem. teacher and a speech therapist before I got up the courage to pursue the MD!
    Good luck, keep posting, and thank you!

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