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    Hello. I’ve been a longtime lurker of this forum and this is my first post! I’ve been lurking since I started medical school because I always knew I wanted to be a mom during medical school too!

    I am a 3rd year student at an average medical school. I am in the top 25% and did very well on Step One. So far I have As in medicine, surgery, family medicine, and neuro.

    I have done a one month long Emergency Medicine rotation and loved the experience! However, here is my dilemma. My baby is due on Sept 22. I expect to be a bit high risk as I already have HTN, so I might have to deliver early. This only leaves July and August for away rotations, and August is EXTREMELY iffy. There are places I could try to get an away rotation that are less than 6 hours away and attempt to commute back when I need to go to OB appts. Obviously this does not sound ideal to me and I also worry about my ability to perform very well when I am 37 weeks pregnant! I’ve been told that I basically have to do an away rotation in EM in order to be competitive. I will be spending some time shadowing/working with an EM doc in my city so that I can get a LOR from him, but this experience won’t be officially on my transcript. The EM program here where I rotated told me that they really liked me and that I would be welcome there for residency (which is what I desperately want!) but I just feel like the Match is too fickle to put all of my eggs in that basket.

    Thoughts or advice? What to do about away rotation?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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