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    Hi! This is my first post here but I’ve been a long time reader.

    I’m starting DO school this fall. My husband and I already have a daughter, she is almost 6 months old and will be 1 in August of my first year. We’d like for our kids to be close in age and plan to have 3 total. I know that 4th year is the most popular time to have a baby. But what about planning to deliver in May of first year? Then I would have the rest of May, June, and part of July for a maternity leave before starting school again. The baby would also be older by the time I needed to really buckle down for boards and would be 13/14 months when I started 3rd year rotations. Again, I know that 4th year is the most popular time to have a baby… but we’re trying to have them closer together and ideally, would probably plan to have another 4th year if everything goes well. I plan to pursue EM (I know this could change but for now, that’s the goal) and I’d like to be done having babies before starting residency if possible. From what I’ve read research is not a huge deal for matching EM so I don’t need to spend that summer on that. My husband has a non-medical professional career that pays well and finances are not an issue. He also will be working from home when we move for school. We won’t be around family like we are now, but our families have not helped with the baby at all so we don’t see that as an issue.

    I would need to make sure that the pregnancy wouldn’t affect my ability to be present in anatomy lab per my school’s guidelines. But barring any issue with that, is there anything else that would make this a bad time?


    I think you have thought it out pretty well. I don’t have much to add. Aside from anatomy lab, here are the things I can think of, none of which necessarily make it a bad time. The first thing that comes to mind is the unpredictable nature of pregnancy (it is not always possible to plan exactly when you will conceive, exactly when you will deliver, and how things will go). So you might miss some time in 1st year or 2nd year, depending on the exact timing, but hopefully it will be easy to make it up. Another thing is that the beginning of medical school is a big transition for everybody, requiring way more studying than you are probably used to. You may want to see how things go with school and one young child before adding pregnancy fatigue on top of that. Or maybe you are younger than I was when I was pregnant and won’t feel so tired 🙂

    One more thing, independent of the timing of pregnancy, is that you probably want to work out with your husband how much childcare he will be providing. I am guessing that if he works from home, he will have some flexibility but will not be able to provide exclusive childcare for two young children during all the hours that you are in class or studying. You may have to pay for childcare for much of that time.

    Good luck with everything!


    Thanks for the reply!

    I’ll be 27 this fall which is when I planned on getting pregnant with #2. I was actually exhausted the first time and had terrible morning sickness. I’m really hoping the next one isn’t as bad as the first. The delivery was relatively easy, quick labor and easy recovery. But you’re right, it’s honestly so unpredictable and there’s no good way to determine how it’s going to go.

    Our plan is to put our first in day care this year and then when we have 2 it will probably be cheaper to have in home care for both of them. He’ll be home but will be in his own office and is pretty great at tuning things out (how lucky are men to be able to do that?).

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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