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    :wave: Hey everyone!

    For all of you out there thinking of a career in medicine, what about it especially appeals to you? I know you’re not doctors already, but what do you think the best thing about it will be?

    I’m really looking forward to the problem-solving aspects of diagnosis, and using my problem-solving skills to help people. Also, maybe a guest spot on ‘ER.’ 🙂



    I want to know that what I do matters, which I don’t feel like I’d get in many other jobs, answering phones or pushing numbers around on paper. I want to know I matter to the people I work with every day, and I want to know that what I do is important in the lives of other people.

    Also, I must admit I’m pleased that other people will respect what I do. I feel awful for the professions like teaching that everyone thinks is “easy,” and I’m hoping that as a physician, what I do will be appreciated.

    shauna ,MS,MomMD2Bshauna,MS,MomMD2B

    Ditto everything Drey said, and…

    I hate to sound so superficial, but after TEN consecutive years of school (LVN -> RN -> MD) one of the BEST things EVER will be to just be FINISHED with school FOREVER AND EVER!
    Sorry if I’m a little aggressive about my point, but it’s been a LONG and exhausting haul. :tired:


    doc dredloc 2bdoc dredloc 2b

    The best thing about being a doctor will be knowing that I will be in a position to help someone. I am especially looking forward to having the opportunity to work with people in underserved communities and being a part of the driving force to help change the current health care legislation that’s severely hampering the quality and the availabiltiy of health care, not to mention the exorbitant malpractice insurance that physicians are being hit with.

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