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    I’m so freaked out. I just started my pre-reqs and got a fat C on my first test!!! And it was a take home test!!! How could this be??? I only took 2 classes since I have been out of college for ages and didn’t want to shock my brain and to make sure I start off w/ good grades. I got my 2nd test which I got an A in, but the girl next to me got an E. This professor is really a tough grader or my brain is numb after all these years…

    This is not a good start. :tired: :no:


    Well, you are not doing bad if you received an A on the second exam. Did anyone else get a better grade on the first exam? ask them what they did differently and see what you can do to avoid this the next time. It does take a while to get back into the groove of things so you seem to be doing fine.


    thanks…it looks like if I don’t get all A’s from now on, I can’t even get a B or ad B+. I haven’t found anyone who got an A on the 1st test. I just have to pull more hair out.


    Don’t let it make you crazy, lillian!
    I find that the first test is always difficult because you really don’t know how the instructor designs his/her tests.
    I also find that the instructor will give the most difficult tests as ‘take-home’.
    One of my professors this year told us that she deliberately made our first weeks of in-class work ‘hard so that the rest would be easy’. Some folks didn’t get that right away but they’ll get it later. I silently thanked her.
    Just breathe deep and continue with your journey by doing the best that you can! Extra stress is detrimental to your test-taking attitude.
    Just my :twocents: .

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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