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    Before I ask my question, I want to give you a little background of where I’m coming from.

    I belong to several Live Journals, and am a member of several birth control, etc. communities.

    I am 20 years old, been with one partner ever, and with him for 4 years. I want children, but not for another 10 years or so. I was just taken off the pill as we had tried several different brands and such and they all contributed to mild depression which I had never had before the birth control. The little bit of time that I have been off it has been night and day.

    I will never go back on a pill or other hormonal birth control method. Right now my partner and I are using condoms, a completely new experience for us, as I went on birth control months before we ever had sex.

    I have done extensive research and decided on an IUD. I read all of the risks, cautions, statistics, the pros and cons of each type, etc. I decided on a copper IUD, since, as I’ve said, I DO NOT want hormones.

    Now, my doctor won’t do it. I go to a Medical Center at the University near me, and have seen several doctors there. All refuse to insert an IUD for me. Each of them say that I am too young, single, and not a mother. They said if I was married and had 3 kids, they wouldn’t hesitate…

    Because of my several LJ communities, I know that many young girls…most younger than myself have an IUD. most got them at Planned Parenthood. I have talked extensively with the doctor that I work with who has told me that doctors are wary because of lawsuits and infertility later. And Planned Parenthood is looking at the unwanted pregnancies….

    What are your thoughts? I wanted a different perspective…most of my lj communities are young girls who can’t see past the fear of an unwanted pregnancy…. :confused:


    i think that most docs would say the same thing BECAUSE they cannot guarantee you a pregnancy after using the IUD. You could have one but the chance that there may be a problem later is just risky.

    I believe that the IUD is usually offered to women who have had their 3 kids and aren’t quite sure they want another. that way if after the IUD is removed there are problems conceiving, they may not be as upset.

    But if you do want kids in the future, then there may be few docs willing to put an IUD in a woman who has not yet had a child.

    OBs?? what are your views or patterns seen in practice?


    we definitely put them in women who are not married/ don’t have kids…



    are there special consent forms in those cases?


    Let me let you in on a experience of mine, that some of you may have heard from a previous post in the parenting section.
    I had a child at 18, tried the “shot” and had bad side effects with my history of migraines. I was advised by a nuerologist after having one whole side of my body numb for several hours not to ever again take horomonal contraceptives. I was not married and I had a copper IUD put in. I had it for six years, and was very effective. After marrying, I decided to have my second child, had the IUD taken out and was pregnant 2 weeks later. I had a boy. My first was a girl. I didn’t want anymore children but yet didn’t want to be permanently altered so decided to have another IUD put back in since they are good for 8-10years, and then another can be inserted. I found out later that I had conceived my third child, when my second one was just 7 mos. old. My OB/GYN was shocked. I was his first IUD pregnancy, the thing was, was that it would not come out. Not even after being admitted and having a spinal block could they get the thing out. My OB said he could get it out through laproscopy, but almost certainly would terminate the pregnancy. He told me after calling a perineo. in Chicago while still in the surgery suite, that I would be VERY high risk, for septic abortion, if I did carry the baby long enough I could potentially hemmorhage if I went into labor and the IUD wasn’t out in the event it was grown into my uterus. He also said everything may turn out fine. I decided to go along with the pregnancy, being closely observed. When I was 8 months pg, it did come out to his and my surprise. Everything did turn out okay. But it was a scare and a shocker for me.
    My son has had different medical problems ranging from meningitis a 5 weeks, spasmus nutans, intussuscepted bowel at 11 mos, he has ADHD, I could name other happenings, Sometimes I wonder if the environment inutero concerning the IUD contributed to some of the things. I would think NO, since it could be all coincidental, and the medical evidence to explain why things have happened not pointing toward the IUD. But then again, years ago, they did not connect cans with botulism? Does anyone know of any studies that have been conducted post-IUD delivery as far as the child is concerned? I am curious. Would like to conduct my own research. Anyway, just wanted to let you hear my story.

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