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    Hi…am a practicing MD who discovered AD/HD and reading disabled during residency. Am now experiencing great difficulty in passing specialty board examination. Anyone else out there have similar experiences that could offer helpful advice?


    Can you send a note from your doctor requesting special accomodations (i.e. longer time for the written test)? They are not supposed to discriminate based on disabilities. You could contact the board and ask what accomodations they have made in the past for people with ADHD or dyslexia.


    (Sorry Sethina- I know I’m not an MD- but I have the same problems- may I post to this?)
    Hi Guest-
    According to the Americans with Disabilities Act, you are legally entitled to both separate testing facilities AND extended testing time. It’s done for the SAT all the time. Call the folks who are giving the test and ask what you need to do (medical documents, etc) to make the arrangments.
    Also, if you are dyslexic, it couldn’t hurt to get yourself screened for Irlen’s syndrome, a form of dyslexia that is helped by a certain kind of glasses. The Ahmen Neurology clinic in Newport Beach, CA,
    works with both learning disabilities and Irlen’s syndrome all the time, and may be a good resource for you.
    It’s made a world of difference for me and my testing skills!
    Good luck!


    Took Boards part I and II with a med student who was dyslexic; he got special accomodations for both of those tests ( including many extra hours to actually finish it; from a national standpoint I think your chances are good.) :yes:

    Med FunMed Fun

    I was just curious as to what residency (specialty) he got into, and whether the fact that he had “accomadations” on the boards may have resulted less consideration by residency programs.


    I know a guy in PM&R who was dx’d after residency (again, problems with passing specialty boards). He was tested and found to have both dyslexia and ADHD. He did great with the specialty boards and continues to do well in private practice.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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