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    Here is an interesting magazine

    Brain Child Mag Hompage

    Brain, Child is a quarterly print publication that reflects modern motherhood-the way it really is. It’s been called “The New Yorker for cheeky mothers” and “a literary time-out for moms.” We like to think of Brain, Child as a community, for and by mothers who like to think about what raising kids does for (and to) the mind and soul.

    Brain, Child isn’t your typical parenting magazine. We couldn’t cupcake-decorate our way out of a paper bag. We leave the tips and professional experts to the traditional publications. What we do offer are words from women in the field: mothers (who also happen to be great writers) like Barbara Kingsolver, Jane Smiley, Alice Hoffman, and Susan Cheever. Each issue is full of essays, features, humor, reviews, fiction, art, cartoons, and our readers’ own stories.

    Our philosophy is pretty simple: Motherhood is worthy of literature. And there are a lot of ways to mother, all of them interesting. We’re proud to have published articles and essays that are smart, down-to-earth, sometimes funny, and sometimes poignant. Take a peek at our current issue to see what we mean. Or read our mission statement to get the full-blown manifesto.

    Any subsribers??


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