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    What does everyone eat for breakfast? Toast, cereal, eggs, leftovers?
    To me, this is the question in life… what to eat for breakfast. I would love to hear what others eat and some suggestions!

    To breakfast!



    Generally, I dont eat breakfast but on the occasions that I have it is usually left overs from dinner. I dont like eggs, sausage, bacon or any of that stuff. It’s to greasy!!!!


    Mmmmm…breakfast! My favorite meal of the day. :goodvibes:



    First an herbal or green tea on the balcony before the rest of the house wakes up. Then cappucino and toast with cheese. Sometimes a poached egg if I have a hard day coming up and want some protein to keep me going all morning.

    DrWuStar *DrWuStar*

    i’m with you TheresaW – breakfast is the best!

    on weekdays, i usually eat at the office – a bagel and cream cheese, some yogurt and granola, sometimes instant oatmeal. I try to stay away from simple carbs first thing and go with whole grain foods instead.

    i am however a huge lover of all the greasy breakfast foods: bacon, eggs, biscuits and gravy, eggs benedict, etc. etc. yum… i usually cook up a BIG delicious breakfast on the weekends and sometimes even have bacon and eggs on weekdays (when i need a treat).

    my mouth is watering just thinking about it…


    For me it’s a protein smoothie or two poached eggs n toast. Whatever I can eat with one hand while doing my morning homework! 🙂


    i try to balance the carbs and the proteins. I am prediabetic so i try to cut down on the simple carbs. however since i don’t know when i will get a chance to eat again, i try to balance it. my dietician told me never to eat just carbs as in cereal with milk but add protein even if its sausage or bacon or what i have been finding recently is that i eat one of those toaser size bagels ( much smaller than the regular sized ones) with some pb and some sausages. for some reason i haven’t figured out yet eggs don’tr sit well on my stomach early in the morning. i love peanut butter so sometimes i eat a piece fo toast with pb and add a protein in the form of some breafast meat. this usually carries me to lunch but i have to be careful because my sugar can really start to plunge around 11:30.


    Ah, breakfast… or “nutritional” or “GI rounds” as we call it every morning…

    I get up and get to the hospital way too early to eat breakfast before I go. Somehow, I’m just not hungry at 4:30 or 5 am. But after we check-out at 6:30, we do try to grab something to eat before morning report at 7. I can’t say I eat that healthy at the hospital cafeteria (eggs, home fries and breakfast meat being the usual), but at least I eat. This is actually very important as it prevents me from falling over in a hypoglycemic state during some morning-long OR case. It’s happened to others (so I’ve been told), and I always find that I am starving when I get out of the OR. Maybe it’s those anesthetic gases or something…

    almost a 1/3 of the way done with that PGY1 year – yeah!!!


    ok, so I know this isn’t good, but…

    C-O-F-F-E-E :hyper:


    I hate breakfast…
    instant cappucino is pallatable at 530 am though…

    M -AM-A

    Like the rest of you, it does depend on what time I get up. If it’s 5:00am, just coffee. If it’s later, I’ll have a fruit smoothie or cereal. If I’m hungover :blush: it’s a greasy breakfast!


    I normally have milk and cereal for breakfast since it’s the lowest in fat. I occasionally spring for a bagel and butter. Very occasionally I go for the big Sun. brunch thing with eggs, toast, hash browns, etc. if I’m with my family or boyfriend or other people.

    I never skip breakfast, lunch, or dinner. I am a cranky bitch if I do. I can’t function without food. :rotfl:



    I usually have a bannana, yogurt, juice, and coffee. Twice/week I have an omelet with everything known to man in it with coffee and juice. These days I usually just have juice and yogurt for lunch because the omelet is VERY filling.


    I like EAS AdvantEdge ready to drink shakes, or a Balance bar. Nothing too heavy.

    An icy diet Coke is always nice to go with the Balance bar too. :rolleyes:

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