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    Good Evening all…I just wanted to know if anyone has ever purchased their textbooks over the Internet? Every term, while I am in the bookstore buying books I run into people who come in to price books and then go shopping for their books on the Internet. Right now I am receiving financial aid but there is never enough to cover the full price of my books after tuition is paid. Its running me about $400.00 a term. I know that $400.00 may not sound like a lot but right now it seems like a fortune. Any advice? What websites offer the best prices?
    Thanks again!!!


    I have bought textbooks over the internet when I have been able to find a better price. Go to You can also try and then go to books, then textbooks, and it will search for your titles among many search engines and give you the best prices. Good luck!



    I got a couple of good deals through Amazon. When buying used books through them, you are actually buying from an individual or smaller bookstore. (I avoided any ones that had poor customer ratings.) I was quite pleased with what I got.


    I bought my biochem book at It was selling for $130 in the bookstore and I got it new for $80. Make sure you write down the ISBN number and that it is the correct edition.

    Good luck!



    Two more suggestions–

    Check Ebay, I have seen current textbooks on there for next to nothing. Also, be sure to check bulletin boards on campus, you can often get some great deals.

    I am in your boat, FinAid will actually cover my books this year (after two years of NONE), but I still hate to pay the exhorbitant amount that is charged at campus bookstores. Most expensive quarter to date: $604.00 out of MY pocket…YIKES!



    Amazon sells new and used textbooks. You can sell yours there. The prices are supposed to be pretty good AND MomMD gets a commission from the sales of these books if you click via our links…. try this – m

    You may need to cut and paste the whole URL!

    Good luck!


    Ashley SAshley S

    Something else to think about are the “save-my-life” review books. 😮 Ebay and are great sources for BRS, High yield, etc. books. Also, It is a good idea to start watching for good deals early on Step One books like First Aid & Kaplan. Something helpful I have discovered is to find out what your required books are ahead of time (if possible) so that you can buy “off season.” If you are looking for BRS pathology when everyone else is, your chances of a good deal are less. 😀

    One book I have found particularly helpful is First Aid for the Wards. I got it for just a few dollars on Good luck!

    Ashley 🙂


    I purchased via amazon and was very pleased with the book. Make sure to check with your school first for the ISBN # so there aren’t any mistakes in ordering.

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