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    Hey! I am a Junior in college and I plan to go to medical school when I am done with my undergrad. I know I am overthinking and over-planning my future here. But I am starting to worry that my aspirations to become a doctor will conflict with my aspirations of becoming a very-present mother. I know that I want to be in family practice (I also know that may change when I get to med school). I have heard that it is possible to have children during residency and then to manage and control your practice so that you are only working 3/4 time or even part time. But I am still concerned with how that would be possible to be a part time family practice doctor and if clinics would even want that. Any success stories of how you made being a part time physician and mother work out!


    All these things are true. People have posted on MomMD about having children during all phases of becoming a physician, and some of us have found part-time jobs. It is also true that becoming a physician will conflict with childrearing, mostly because of long hours and lack of flexibility of physician jobs. It is hard to be very present when you are a resident especially. As for after residency, I don’t know about family practice specifically, but true part-time jobs for physicians are not always available. It depends on the job market in your local area.

    I doubt you can plan every detail as a junior in college, especially with things like finding a spouse or getting pregnant or choosing where you will do school and training. But some things are under your control, such as choosing a family-friendly field (like family medicine), choosing a supportive spouse whose job can provide some flexibility (i.e., don’t marry a surgeon), planning pregnancies so that babies are born at times when you will have more flexibility, etc. In addition, doing well in school will ensure that you have more choices.

    Good luck!


    Hi. You have already made a plan, which is good, but life is life. You never know what’s going to happen in the future. I would recommend to focus on your education now. Trust me – in the future, when you’ll find a right partner you will be sure that you want to have kids with him and nothing will stop you! You just need to have a partner who will help you to achieve your goals and keep everything together. Don’t worry!


    Thanks for sharing it.

    Linda WardLinda Ward

    Hi MCG, at this point, I think you need to consider 2 important things, and thez are next:

    1. Follow your dreams (dream job in this case)
    2. Do a research around work-life balance topics, this should help you to make new conclusions and move further in your life.

    I hope this will help you 🙂

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