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    Hi! Im a third year medical student who’s very interested in Ob/Gyn. However, I’m married and am concerned about quality of life issues. Unfortunately, sticking to Gyn only is not an option for me since I love Obstetrics but I’m interested in learning more about subspecialties which might allow me to have more control over my hours. I’m very interested in Fetal Maternal medicine and have been told that perinatologists might have a more manegeable workload but I’m not sure if I should believe it. Where can I find out more about the lifestyle within this subspecialty? Also, does anyone know about hospitals that offer more humane Ob/gyn residencies (if such a thing exists!) :boggled: . Thanks a lot!


    I’d like to know too. I’m about to enter med school in fall 2003, and I have an interest in ob/gyn, but I’d like to know about the lifestyle, cuz I plan on having a family in the future. I don’t not want to see my family. Can the hours be somewhat reasonable? Thanks
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    I’m also interested in going into OB/GYN. I am really curious as to how exactly it works. Let’s say I have a private practice somewhere. If a patient of mine goes into labor, does a doctor on call at the hospital deliver, or do I come? Is that possible at all? I also want to have a family someday, and I would like to know if these things are possible.


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    I’m a premed student, but just through personal experience….my first obgyn worked in a facility with three other obgyn’s. Therefore she was on call every tuesday and every fourth weekend. Sounds good eh. Whomever was on call that night or weekend would deliver that patient whether it was there’s or not. They also had to respond to any calls during “on call time” whether it was their patient or not. My second obgyn had pretty much a similar situation. But when I went back to my first obgyn she had moved to a facility with only one other obgyn and she seemed burned out. So, I don’t know what kind of a situation she had. But it sounded like she was working a lot of on call. I’m sure the more physicians in the facility the less on call you are on. But from a second view as being “the patient”, some patients look for obgyn’s that are on call more often because they may not like the other physicians and they want their obgyn to deliver. Hope this all makes sense and kind of helps. Like I said this is only through personal experience. But I’m sure how much time you put in depends on what facility you work for and how many physicians are involved. I don’t know the reasons for why my obgyn left her other office. I often wonder if it was facility oriented or on call oriented. All I know is the old office was getting way too busy and it took forever to get through on the phone.


    In answer to the question – I certainly hope so.

    I am interviewing for OB residency spots now. What is really interesting for me is the response or attitude I’ve seen from programs regarding the ACGME requirements for 80 hr workweeks starting July 1. Some are whining and grumbling, predicting gloom and doom… telling me that I will have to scrub out of cases, leave 5 minutes before my pt delivers, etc. Some seriously bad attitudes are out there. Others have already adjusted the work and call schedule for next year, and don’t seem too phased by the whole thing. Still others know it is coming, but still aren’t sure what they are going to do to get into line with the new regs.

    Hmmmm…. wonder which programs look better to THIS applicant?

    I’ll let y’all know how it goes.


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