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    Hi! i’m wodnering what the hours are like in 3rd and 4th year. Is it 9-5? is there any call? and why is 4th year supposed to be the easiest year?



    I think that some of it depends on where you go to med school, but generally the hours are crazy in many rotations, and it’s all dependent on so many factors (clinic VS hospital, patient load). My busiest rotations by far have been peds (50-70+ hours a week, call every 2 days for 2 weeks and then 7 more overnight during the remaining 6 weeks), OB/Gyn (60-70+ hours a week, overnight call w/ no sleep once a week, 12-13 hours a day on OB, but around 6-8 on Gyn), and Surgery (not there yet but very early mornings and some very late evenings to come). Then there was Psych, where I left at 7:30 and was home by 1 or 2 most days. Family and Internal Medicine aren’t bad here; call ends at 11 PM. As for 4th year, I won’t have one 😎 because I start residency in July (accelerated), but the 4th years that I know are loving the elective time and the freedom to explore things like anesthesiology and neuro that they don’t get much exposure to during 3rd year. The call is limited for the most part, and many do sub-internships or serve as the “acting intern” for the rotation with increased clinical responsibility.

    How is it at other schools?

    Andrea JanAndrea Jan

    My third year experience was similar to how “eeh” described- the longest hours were on Surgery, OB, and Peds. At my school, we had overnight call on Surgery every fourth night. And yes, there were a couple of months where I did have easy hours and every weekend off. But… let’s not forget that, during third year, after those long hours…you have to go home and STUDY to prepare for the shelf exam and to look good to your evaluators. Studying for shelf exams, being evaluated, and having more overnight call are what make third year more stressful than fourth. 😮

    Ashley SAshley S

    At my school we are busiest on Internal Medicine, OB & Surgery. We take overnight call either every sixth or third night on surgery. Last week I was at the hospital about 110 hours (surgery). Many people work 20 days or so in a row without one off. Our peds rotation is nice. You work from about 6:45 to 4:00 with call about once weekly lasting until 10pm. Psych hours are nice usually.
    As with everything else, it depends heavily on your residents and when they will “let” you go. The hardest part is being at someone else’s mercy & always being accountable to a resident.

    But, you definitely work weekends & it is definitely not 9-5. 🙂


    I think the hardest part about the 3rd year schedule for me is that you hardly ever know in advance what your hours are going to be, some days we’re there late and some days we get done at 2 or 3 in the afternoon. And as you get a few weeks into a rotation you finally get the rhythm down, and then you have to switch to either a different team or different speciality! Call is a little easier to predict but there is still shuffling of schedules. So that part is frustrating. At our school fourth year is easier because it’s all electives and most of them are more 9-5ish unless you’re doing a sub-I (which you know going into it is going to be a lot of work). Overall though I don’t think 3rd year has been as bad as I expected (or had heard about). Most of the residents that I have worked with understand if you need to leave at a certain time for outside committments and are somewhat flexible. Hope that helps!

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