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    I’ve been looking over these blogs and can’t find exactly what I’m looking for, so I’m just going to layout what I’m going through. I’m 25 and married to a great guy. He is a mechanic and I work as an ascp certified microbiology lab technician. I applied to med school 4 years ago. I had a gpa of 3.8 and an mcat of 26. I had multiple interviews and waitlists, but didn’t get in. I was crushed and tried to forget about that dream. Four years later, I realized that growing bacteria and obeying infectious disease docs wasn’t going to satisfy my insatiable appetite for learning, I decided to re-apply to med school. The only problem was my MCAT expired after 3 years; I should just retake it, right? No, apparently the test has changed and added new subjects, so my $1500 of study materials are useless. Also, to reapply I’ll be 1.5 years older by the time I find out if I “might” get in. I’m broke and find out Caribbean medical schools accept the MCAT for 5 years. I can’t take out a loan for more MCAT study materials, but I can take out a loan for medical school. I applied to AUC and was accepted within a week. Every doc I work with is extremely supportive of this type of med school (even though the internet says something different). My husband is supportive and willing to quit his job and continue his education via online classes while I’m in school. Does anyone have any input regarding Caribbean med schools? Is it a lost cause or worth a shot? Also, what about marriage? Has anyone been married while at a Caribbean med school? Lady docs your input is appreciated!


    Hi bma, it sounds like your husband is very supportive, and I’m sure that will help a lot. As for Caribbean medical schools, I also only know what I have read on the internet. My impression is that when you compare them to US medical schools, it is easier to get into the Caribbean schools but harder to go through the rest of the process to eventually practice in the US, and not everybody makes it. It is a bit of a risk, but I bet you can maximize your chances of success by working hard and doing a good job. Occasionally people will post here about Caribbean med schools — hopefully someone can share some personal experiences. Good luck!

    Dr . RetroDr. Retro

    Hi bma. As a Caribbean med school student currently in rotations back in the States, I have a lot of thoughts about going down that road. I would first and foremost advise you to rid yourself of the notion of how much older you’ll be should you take more time to try and get into med school in the US. Life takes time and we all have our own paths. There is no “behind” or being late. You’re going to be 30 or 40 or 50 anyway one day. Why not spend time until then working towards doing something in which you’re interested? I would highly encourage you if you can find the resources, to try the MCAT again and get into a US DO or MD school. That would be highly advised over the longer Caribbean med school road, which is doable to your end goal of physician but considerably more work, personally and emotionally, and likely to take much longer than had you restudied the MCAT/gone down the US med school version. Even top Carib students don’t get out in less than 4.5 years and that is much shorter the norm for most Carib med students, for those that even finish at all. Feel free to contact me personally should you want more info. Good luck!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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