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    Just have a question for anyone:

    Has anyone taken their chemistry that was taught without formal lecturing? My Prof is involved in this study having to do with students learning chemistry and research has apparently shown that group self learning in chemistry has instilled higher understanding of the subject matter. This is his method for my class. He absolutely doesn’t lecture, he tells us to open our books and discuss the questions among ourselves. He picks a person or person(s) out of the different groups to give the answer to different questions and doesn’t reason to why the answer is or isn’t correct. I study everynight trying to teach myself chemistry, and search the internet for the things I have trouble with. It is taking up soooo much of my time. Has anyone else been taught chemistry this way?



    Not chemistry – but i have calculus online with no lecture. It’s kinda like…. here’s your book, here are the problems, figure it out and we’ll have a quiz every 2 weeks. 😮

    So I’m trying… we’ll see what happens. My advice is to become best friend with the smartest person in class 😉



    It sounds frustrating… I am sure, you explored these possibilities – get the solutions manaul if the text book has one and also check out if there is tutoring available.

    Generally pilot progrmas like this should be supported by TAs and other audio visual stuff. May be the whole class should tell the teacher that those are also proven to be good learning aids! We ran a distance learnign pilot program in my earlier job for computer science students and we provided a lot of external support to students.

    Good Luck!


    That sounds like a HORRIBLE way to learn!! I teach general chemistry recitations and labs at our state university and community college…and have never found a student who learned ENTIRELY by this method. Yes, I have ran portions of my class this way, but wouldn’t dream of spending the entire class time this way. Does your prof. have office hours? I’d spend every minute of his office hours IN his office! Does the class have T.A.’s? I’d be in their offices daily! Does your school have a tutoring service? Use it! …and as another poster said, buy the solutions manual!


    There is this site that he has us go to, but this only highlights certain topics and is very vague. The book doesn’t flow at all, since I started Aug. 25, we’ve jumped around covering atomic core, polarity, Electronegativity, molecular geometry, lewis dot, P.E.=k q1q2 (still don’t know what that is)molar mass, and other things but not in a very orderly fashion that flows to make sense. I have taught myself molecular geometry dealing with polarity No thanks to my book, or the professor. NO there aren’t TA’s and the tutors are expensive. Many students have complained about his method that started a few years ago, but no change,( he’s tenure). I know of students who opt to take their chemistry at other colleges because of this. Am wondering if I should not have done the same. Guess we’ll see how it goes. Im pretty self-disciplined, and have a bit more knowlege than the basics. Hope that will be enough. It is not very comforting, nonetheless.

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