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    [b]How important is timing when practicing for and taking your MCAT or USMLE?

    Click here – to see how The Silent Timer works. How would you use this timer to study for your test?[/b]

    This competition is sponsored by The Silent Timer. The author of the best answer to these questions will win a Silent Timer! Responses will be judged by Silent Timer executives and they will determine the winner! MomMD, staff and moderators are ineligible to win. The closing date for answers is Feb 9th 2004.

    About the Silent Timer

    Time and the MCAT
    One of the reasons the MCAT is so difficult is the time constraint.

    In fact, your time is a crucial factor in determining whether you score high enough to get into the school of your choice. The reason? With ample time, many of your exam questions can be answered correctly. It is the ability to manage this time that is so crucial.

    Practice with a Timer

    On test day, you should be ready to answer questions quickly and know how to manage your test time efficiently. In order to do this without being rushed or nervous, take practice tests and TIME YOURSELF with your own testing timer. This way you will be used to the pressures of test day and have an advantage over those who didn’t practice under timed conditions.

    Get Your Timer Here
    The Silent Timer™ is a special testing timer we recommend for your MCAT. It has cool features to help you manage your test time. The timer counts down your total time AND the time you have to spend on each question.

    Looking forward to a great discussion on timing and the MCAT or USMLE.


    I am taking the MCAT in April and am starting the Princeton Review Course next week. I think a timer like this would be great– I took the GRE and messed up the math section because I lost track of time and left about the last ten unanswered. It was awful! Learning to pace myself like this would help, I think.

    I went to their site and saw that this timer, while good for practice, is not allowed in the MCAT. Are the watches that they mentioned allowed? Knowing how nervous I will be on test day, I wonder if I will need a timer preent to help.

    The Silent TimerThe Silent Timer


    Thank you for your response! Good luck with Princeton Review and getting ready for your April MCAT.

    The AAMC recently made it illegal to bring any timer to the MCAT that sits on your desk. We are trying to get The Silent Timer approved for the MCAT because it is silent and actually made for students taking the test. You can help by sending an email to and ask them if you can please use our timer for the test. The more people who email, the more likely it will get approved. We are also going to release a wrist watch made specifically for the MCAT, GMAT, and GRE in the near future.

    For now, The Silent Timer is a cool way to practice your MCAT timing. It helps you learn to spend the correct amount of time on each of your test questions. The timer actually tells you if you are spending too much time on any one question and helps you organize your test time.

    For example, if you have 1 hour and 40 minutes for your test section, and 77 questions…you only have 1 minute and 18 seconds to spend on each question. That’s tough!

    The Silent Timer tells you when you have spent enough time on any one question and flashes a light at you telling you to move on.

    This feature helps you learn to feel more comfortable with your time limits. By the time you get to test day, you will know your test time inside and out. You will no longer need a timer on your desk, a simple wrist watch will work fine.

    Any thoughts on how our timer can be used to help you practice for your test?




    Come on everyone! Your odds of winning are great. This is a wonderful product!


    I feel a timer is important on special standardized test. In our case the Mcats. It allows the testaker to have their time limit under control. It allows you to figure out if to much time is spent on one question without the guess work. Spending to much time on one question can hurt your overall grade for the rest of the exam. With enough time many question can be answered correctly. These extra minutes can allow you to answer those few questions right which can mean the differnce when applying to schools.

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