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    With all the demands to be perfect, beautiful, thin, have velumptuous lips and curvy hips and at the same time be the cooker,cleaner,snotty nosewiper, student/worker, doctor, puts a lot of pressure on us women. With all these messages being sent our way,….. we cant always be the superwomen we are excpected to be, let alone the super model, I dont know about you, but I get down.
    I have always felt awkward complimenting myself, maybe it is because I am always expecting someone to come with a cheap blow to my self esteem right after I compliment. Sorta like in elementary school. I think we all have felt like this at least one point in our lives—we are embarrassed to compliment ourselves. Sometimes our husbands or signifcant others dont do such a great job. But today we are going to boost our own self esteems by complimenting ourselves. My mom always told me if I wanted something done, to do it myself! If I cant compliment myself, I cant expect others too.
    So, let’s hear it. Give the best qualities of your physical appearance and of your character!

    Okay, here I go…..and boy is it feeling awkward.

    I have beautiful long, dark brown hair, down to my waist. I have naturally arched eyebrows.
    I am a very self righteous, cant stand to be done or hear someone else be done wrong. I am the most open-minded person you will probably ever meet. And I would make anyone, a good friend. :blush:


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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