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    Hey, I was wondering how many Dr.’s, res, med students, nurses, etc, are using computers to do their charting. I’ve charted both ways, computer charting seems to save alot of time! I thought of this question looking through another debate, and was wondering if you ladies thought it helps with redundancy, and time effenciency.

    What do you think? :yes: or :no:


    it SUCKS for nurses. At least where I am. We do a ton of double charting. The computer prompts you to chart pedal pulses in three places and you can’t complete your assessment unless you’ve opened every single “system”. Also, it is near impossible to find an open computer when you REALLY NEED to check lab values or x-ray results. Instead of peeking in a chart for 2 seconds, you need to sit at a computer, type in your password, open up the program, open the patient’s name, find the lab value and close it out. Just to see one number. Not efficient. Our system crashes once a week, too.

    Also, since we have computer charting, most of the staff/administration think that computers can be the primary means of communication now. So the aide takes the vitals and then gets lost, so I have to do the whole find-a-computer jazz again just to make sure my patients’ vitals are not critical. Hello! Dangerous! The unit I work on has totally abolished verbal report, too. Now we are expected to sign on to a computer and glean all of our information by dissecting the patient’s online chart. Again, dangerous and inefficient. The nurses do write a written report, too, but usually it’s 3 sentences long and they’re halfway out the door by the time you have questions. So frustrating!

    I know this is more of nurse-feedback, but thanks for letting me vent anyway! I do love using the computer for trending lab values and looking up consults and histories, so maybe that’s why docs might find it more efficient.



    We are working on “EAR” for the office ( electronic ambulatory record) which should be inplace by late 2004 0r 2005…not looking forward to redundancy but can see where it woudl save time…
    has anyone noticed how painfully boring the NOTES are that MD’s send from an elect. record? DULL DULL DULL- I don’t want my notes to be that boring. 🙁

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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