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    Just a gentle reminder- DON’T DISCUSS PT issues with anyone outside the work setting!!!
    Yes we all know this but sometimes we get tired…or lax…

    my friend just got FIRED today- she is not an MD but used to be my front desk person- off duty she was asked her best friend ” When will my mother in law get her cancer tests back- will it be before she sees the surgeon?”
    so MY FRIEND went in on her day OFF to get the results from Xray faxed over to the surgeon’s stat and was going to attach anote saying ” cAll the pt and say if you still want to see her MOnday.”

    The clincher? :guilty:
    The elderly woman’s other daughter-in-law happens to work for our COMPETETION and got wind of this and BLEW THE WHISTLE on her and wrote a three page complaint… 😡

    Unfortunately my friend WAS IN THE WRONG…although trying to be a good human being…bummer.
    But a good lesson for everybody! 🙁


    Oooh my gosh, how awful! Sounds to me like that other dtr-n-law probably already had it out for her!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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