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    I’m reposting my intro here, b/c it pertains to this room as well. I hope you dont mind b/c I need the pre-med help….

    HI there. I’m new here and also new to my coming out of the closet about my dreams of med school. I am a 25yr woman who has been thinking about medical school and being a doctor for many many years. I just never got the senses that people thought I could do it. I didn’t even know if I could do it. (I still have doubts). I just started back to college last fall and am so happy being there. I get excited shopping for the schools supplies and getting my papers back when I know I did so well. I’m just discouraged b/c of my age. The fact that I sropped out of high school and got my GED really doesn’t help my confidence level either. I am attending a Community College here in Austin, TX and although I think it’s a good school, I am really worried that I will get laughed at when I apply to med school. (Do they even have doctor’s who got their GED?)

    So, I am here to seek support of people that are older as well. I have also been highly discouraged from becoming a doctor b/c everyone knows that I want to have kids someday in my lifetime.

    I am currently working as a Nurse’s Aide in a hospital and love it. I want more responsibiliy though. On the same subject, anyone have suggestions on finding someone to shadow? I am interested in sugery and/or OB. Are there docs that will let you attend a birth or a surgery?

    I’m really open for any advice that anyone has. Thanks a bunch inadvance.




    I am new to this site too. I just wanted to let you know that there are some incredibly wonderful people on this site. You will receive direct and helpful responses. I have been getting the greates support from this site and I just started… so it won’t be long 🙂

    CaLiGirL :)CaLiGirL:)


    First of all, you’re NOT old…25 is still quite young 😉 . I’m sure there are plenty of doctors that got their GED’s. I got my HS diploma from an adult/continuation school while I was pregnant with my daughter. Hec, I’m not a doctor yet, but I’m proud that I’ve gotten as far as I did…transferring to a pretty good university in california and I’m GOING to make it in the medical field…

    If you browse our forums here, you’ll find many inspiring stories from many wonderful indiviuals.
    Keep yourself involved with MomMD and you’ll gain all the benefits that most of us already had the advantage of! 😉

    Take care,

    Annie 😎


    I am new to this site, too. I can understand your discouragement. I graduated from high school and six months later, I had my daughter. It’s been a rough road. I experience a lot of doubt from other people who don’t think I can do it. I just really try to ignore, but I have quit telling people my dreams.
    Twenty-five is still young (I’m only 2 years away from that and I sure don’t feel old 😉 ). I am also taking science classes at a community college. It is much more affordable. I graduated from college with a degree in gerontology…believe me you are never too old. Just believe in yourself and stay involved with this website!!!


    i am new here too and i sure hope 25 isn’t old (i just turned 24 and made the decision to pursue medicine) i am attending a community college to get most of my pre-reqs completed and will transfer to a four year university. i also was worried about going to a cc, but quite honestly i am a single mom and it is incredibly affordable. and if i am lucky enough to get into med school, i’m going to need all the money i can get. i’m sure the admissions committees are going to be more concerned with the grades you get in your classes than where you take your classes.
    good luck.


    No, 25 isn’t old! I’m 32 and have 3 kids and will be applying to med school next year. Check out if you want some encouragement about your age! There are a lot of us nontraditional students around.
    My only concern with prereqs at a CC would be; will you be adequately prepared for the MCAT? I took a Bio class and Calculus at a CC because they are cheaper and closer to my home. I might be concerned about taking Organic Chem at a CC. Try posting a question about CC courses on the med student forum, maybe someone there has experience applying with a GED or all CC courses.
    Good Luck!
    Theresa 😉


    Don’t get discouraged. I know someone that was invited for six medical school interviews and was accepted to their first choice. This individual also did not have a high school diploma, but a GED. What matters is where you are headed and that you have clearly defined reasons why you are headed there. Pray. Believe in the person the Lord has made you to be. Take it one semester at a time, the confidence will come.


    Gosh 25 is just a baby compared to some of us! There’s a gal on whose screen name is GED2MD. She is either a surgical resident, or a practicing surgeon (I can’t remember for sure). Anyway, she’s done it and has interesting things to say. Check out her posts, send her an email, whatever you want…It CAN be done and she will encourage you!


    Brooke TroutBrooke Trout

    I asked the same question on the OldPreMeds site. I, too, have a GED. You bet it is possible. There are several inspiring stories on that site. Including a man who learned to read at 25 and is now finishing his residency and ofcourse GED2MD! I believe the current trend in ADCOMs is to find well rounded individuals. Folks who have life experience. My story is far from traditional. As, I am certain yours is too. You can do it… just focus on one task at a time.

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