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    Hi all! I am currently a freshman in college and have (at this moment) decided that I want to become a Registered Nurse. But recently I have been comtemplating another career choice. I was wondering if getting my BSN and then becoming a MD made any sense at all. I had this discussion with my aunt who is a Dermatologist in Washington, DC and she said basically that that was a ridiculous idea and that if I wanted to become a doctor then I should do that and skip over all of the nurses training. So, please help, I am now really unsure :confused: about what my future career holds in store and would appreciate any help that I receive. My email address is: Thank you!



    I’d have to agree. Why do the nursing training if you want to become a doctor??? I’d try for medical school and focus on that.

    Sethina 🙂


    I say study what you want to study. If you have a genuine interest in nursing and want to pursue a degree in nursing, then have at it. If you’re looking for a means to an end, and you want to become an MD, then prepare for medical school the best way you can. For me the choice would depend on whether I’m enjoying the trip along the way or just trying to reach a destination. Either way you can go to medical school in the end if that’s what you want. In the end it doesn’t matter one way or the other what you study as an undergraduate as long as you get those basic requirements met. Good luck!



    If you are 100% sure that you want to pursue medicine then you should look for a major that interests you and make sure that you also include the pre-req classes required by med schools. BSN is a degree that is geared for students wanting to be nurses and at some schools that classes taken by these students do not encompass the pre-req classes required for med school admissions (my school is a prime example of this). The nursing majors take a gen chem 1010 and the pre-meds take gen chem 2010, nursing majors at my school take brief organic, and pre-meds take a full year. So, make sure that you know thyself and your goals, and then go for there. If nursing truly inspires you, then of course go that route, but beware that this could possibly be questioned if later on you apply to medical school. Not because nurses are less capable of medical school, but just due to the difference in health care delivery between nurses and physicians. Good luck!


    I have to agree with your aunt… if you really want to be a doctor don’t brother first becoming a nurse. If you’re not sure, then for now… until you decide… take classes that are pre-req for both nursing and medical school (i.e. chemistry, biology). But there’s just no point to going to nursing school if what you really want to be is a doctor.

    Good luck :goodvibes:


    hmmmm. I kinda thought about doing the same thing for awhile because medical school can be really tough to get into and expensive. There is alot of education money out there for nurses right now too which could mean less undergrad debt. BUT, because medical school is so competitive, the admissions commitees look for applicants who are very dedicated and absolutely sure that they want to become a doctor. If you join the applicant pool fresh out of a BSN program, adcomms may look down on it feeling that maybe you aren’t “confident enough” about your decision to go in to medicine. However, if you go into nursing and practice for a few years after graduation, and then go back to school to do prereqs for med school, you may have an advantage. You will have had patient and hospital experience and familiarity with the health care system. You also will appear more dedicated to the field in wanting to make a career change to become a doctor. These are some tough personal decisions that need to be made, but I must say that I do agree with everyone else. If you are sure you want to go to med school now, then pursue and undergrad degree that you will enjoy. If science and living systems interest you, consider biology. If you like art, do art. Do something to enrich yourself because doctors have to be so much more than just a “walking book” of knowledge. Maybe you’ll discover a totally different calling along the way. Either way, Good luck and keep us posted.


    I think that you should evaluate what needs you are trying to meet. If you can be happy nursing, by all means do it. You get to “care” for pts. but don’t have all the responsibility. There are many other health professions that can be just as rewarding or even more rewarding than medicine, without the financial and time burden to the family. Physicians assistants have a great deal of autonomy.

    As a psychiatrist, part of our training is psychotherapy. I found out that my reasons subconsciously for going into medicine were 1)to prove to myself that I could do it and to my mother that she was wrong 2) to gain my parents approval and at some level to fulfill their own dreams 3)To gain approval and respect from others.

    I was able to obtain my goals, but at the expense of my own personal sacrafices. As far as #3- I don’t know if that really matters anymore. My priorities have totally changed.

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