Did anyone have to apply more than once before they got in?

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    If so, what did you do differently the seocnd time around? I have heard that if one does reapply, the application must be different somehow. i dont’ know if that means more shadowing, classes, higher mcat scores or what. Anyway I’m interetsed in hearing what you did differently and what you think worked.



    Well, this was my 3rd (and thankfully last) time applying. The first time I was only applying to get a feel for the application process itsself. The second time, I only applied to one school because I was trying to stay in town so that my husband could finish school. That year I actually interviewed but the dean was very negative toward the fact that I only applied to the one; he thought i was being cocky.

    This year, not only did I finish my degree but in doing so, I also completed 22 more hours of upperdivision biology courses, which seemed to be important to my interviewers. I have also been volunteering/shadowing once a week since I started on my application in the summer. Considering my interviews this year, they seemed to be more interested in the amount of different things that I have done (working full time while taking full time course!) but thats not to say that they wouldn’t have focused on spending alot of time doing a particular activity if I had had that. My GPA didn’t change much and I only took the MCAT once. I really think that getting in some clinical experience is a plus. If I were to do it over again, I would start getting in as much clinical experience as possible from the begining.



    I had to apply 3 times before I got in. I had very good MCAT’s (34), good grades, and great recommendations- but for some odd reason, I kept getting rejected. The third time around, I got 4 interviews and 3 acceptances, including one top-20 school.
    My suggestion is to call the admissions office and see if they can give you some guidance on what aspects of your application they thought were weak. Also, make sure you apply to a large number (at least 12-15) schools. The admissions process is such a ridiculous crapshoot- it’s best to apply to a number of schools to maximize your chances.
    In my case, I was told that my clinical experience was insufficient- so I went and took a full-time volunteer job over the summer in a medical clinic, wrote about it in my essay, and talked about it in my interviews. I think that’s what finally got me in. Oddly enough, once I got to med school, I found that degree of clinical experience varied very widely- some of my classmates had spent years as ICU nurses or EMTs, whereas others had NO clinical experience at all! The point is- admissions is a highly subjective and frequently flawed process. It’s just human beings making these decisions- and they’re being made solely on the basis of a few pieces of paper and the whims of two interviewers who form their impression of you based on a 30 or 60-minute meeting. Don’t take it personally and don’t let rejection get you down, ok? If medicine is what you really want to do, find out what they don’t like about your application and do whatever it takes to fix it.
    If you can provide more details on the specifics of your application (grades, MCATs, etc.) I’ll be happy to take a look at it and let you know if I see any room for improvement. Feel free to PM me if you prefer.
    Hope this helps- good luck and don’t give up!


    I got in on my second try. I had a few more volunteer hours, but the biggest change that I made was to the schools that I applied to. I found one with a mission that was consistant with my own and this made the entire process easy. Good luck and DON’T GIVE UP. It will happen 😉 .

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