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    As a medical professional what do you observe about the way that women and men view health care treatment, preventitive care and so on. Perhaps there is no difference, or is there? I’m only talking about anecdotal stories. For example my friends brother in law lost 50lbs and had diarrehea for 6 months before finally going to the doctor. They discovered a melon sized cancerous tumor in his intestines. He had never though of going to the doctor and thought it was something he ate. Thankfully it was removed and he is doing OK. But all of my woman friends would never walk around sick like that without going to the doctor?? Perhaps this isn’t true?

    Anyone else comment?


    A man is scheduled for a transurethral biopsy of his bladder since he presented to his urologist with hematuria (blood in the urine). As the anesthesiologist, I see him in the preop area and have to postpone the case because he stopped at McDonald’s on the way in for breakfast. I note that this man has a large, very obvious tumor that seemed to start at the inner eyelid and spread across his globe, retracting the lid so that it would not close, obscuring his vision, and draining purulent fluid. The mass also was tracking under the skin of the bridge of his nose towards the other eye. It was extremely disfiguring, AND THIS MAN STOPPED IN MCDONALDS IN FRONT OF OTHER PEOPLE WHO WERE TRYING TO HAVE THEIR BREAKFAST. When I pointed this mass out to the urologist, he decided to use the delay time to obtain a CT of the head and consult an ENT doc. That afternoon, the pt received a biopsy of both his bladder and the tumor, which by CT was eroding through his skull towards his brain. He had two separate cancers (TCCA of the bladder and Basal cell carcinoma by his eye). When I saw the pt before the afternoon procedure and explained to his daughter that he was now to have both procedures done under general anesthesia, her response to the idea of the tumor biopsy was “Don’t you think that will make that thing BLOOM?” What were these people thinking?

    A man can have a tumor growing across his eye for 7 yrs and not consult a doc about it, but by heavens, when he pees blood, he runs out of the woods and into the clinic to have that checked.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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