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    As my kids get older I notice how radically different some of my best friends parenting styles are. In fact, in some instances there will come a time where our styles don’t mesh and the kids simply refuse to play together. How many of you have ‘lost’ good friends over the years because your parenting styles and children’s behavior is so contrasting. I mean we all differ, but there are times when the differences are so huge. Do you have tips to maintain friends when styles differ so greatly?


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    It’s important to realize that there are many different styles of parenting and accept that of our neighbors and friends. However, we tend to stay closest to those who choose a similar style to that we’ve chosen ourselves.


    I’ve really pulled back from some friends with 5 kids who just seem to let the kids run wild. They are pretty agressive, and after the one who is 6 months older than my 2 year old daughter whacked her twice on the head without provocation, and the parents didn’t really intervene, I removed my kid and haven’t gotten together again. I draw the line permissive parents who allow violence. I also find myself being much more authoritative with their kids if we’re playing together and the parents don’t say anything when the kids are mean or dangerous. I’d rather overstep my bounds than have a kid get hurt (especially mine).

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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