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    Hello again,

    Well here’s my dilemma again and I am trying to decide whether or not to send off my application for UK medical school. I am not pursuing medicine in the US for a number of reasons. The options are long and complicated so bear with me!

    I do not have the necessary science A levels to apply for any UK medical school. There are special premedicine courses which include the science for non-science applicants. There are also new courses that require you to take the GAMSAT (like MCAT) and you do not need any science. Now here is the thing, these courses do not allow international applicants (even though I am British I am still classed as an international applicant). I am applying for the premedicine courses this year – most of which have told me that I am not eligible. Those that do say I’m eligible will classify me as an international applicant for the entire 6 years (I will pay more than a US medical school in fees), even if I remain in UK for the rest of my life. The short time I’ve spent in the US penalizes me. Another thing is, my husbands career (which will be necessary for us to pay for the school) can only be done in certain areas of England, restricting where I can apply to. Adding another layer of restrictions to the process.

    My other option is to be resident in the UK for three years prior to starting the course… this would make me 36-37 at the time of starting, if I move back next year. The age restrictions in the UK are MUCH stricter and by deciding to wait those 3 years (from whenever we get back) I will severely dimish my chances of getting in and may not ever be able to do it.

    I can’t decide whether to:

    1. Send in my application anyway, even if it’s mostly an exercise and a miniscule chance I’ll get in. If I do pay the fees as an international student

    2. Wait, decide not to apply, move back to UK, take my science A levels and wait three more years.

    Arrrgggghhhhhhh! It’s so difficult!




    I say apply anyway! A miniscule chance is still a chance…And if you don’t get in, well you’ll be waiting anyway, won’t you?

    When you say UK, are you including Ireland, Scotland, etc? Are there other options there for you? What about med school in other parts of Europe? I know you have considered ALL the options, I am just wondering if the same restrictions apply.

    If it helps, we can all write letters of recommendation attesting to your organizational skills, drive for success, motivation, and so on and so on…Maybe a petition by all of us mommd’s will help get you in. We can simply overwhelm the admissions committee with positive “vibes” for you 🙂

    Best of luck~



    Girl….that’s a mess! So why not US medical schools? It’s hard to imagine worse options than the ones you’ve already laid out….


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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