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    Are any of you experiencing any disappointment with the quality/level of your classes? I’m taking an upper level biological psychology course to get my feet wet again. I’m really discouraged….and maybe I’m just getting old? I seem to remember classes being much more demanding when I was doing my undergrad work. We had our first exam and it covered two chapters of pure neuroanatomy. I prepared for this from the getgo..even going as far as to ‘borrow’ a little sheep’s brain to dissect from the bio dept…I wanted to make sure that I knew where everything was so that I could relate structure to function. The exam ended up being 25 questions..multiple choice…and there was not one question on it asking you to identify any brain structures/functions…or even to be able to identify different types of neurons, etc. I was really disappointed ( I know that sounds ridiculous) because I had worked so hard and was really prepared to go in and do well.

    I ended up with the high score…and my test score was DROPPED from the curve…this has truly never happened to me before…I suppose I should feel good about it…BUT..I feel betrayed by it. If I can juggle three children, teaching two classes and study enough to get this score…it should count.

    I didn’t say anything about it to the professor and I don’t intend to….I am just feeling frustrated. We have another exam on Tues and I don’t feel very motivated this time around. I know that I’m learning this for myself..not just for a test…but I’m feeling ‘stuck’.

    Am I being ridiculous?


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    Hang in there!
    Teachers have to adjust their classes so that the greatest number of people get benefit and learn about the subject. So it isn’t always easy for people who catch on fast to stay on track and motivated when the teacher is moving -way- too slow for you.
    So, since the way the course is conducted probably won’t change, just try your best to get hte most you can from learning on your own. And in the mean time Enjoy this easy A class because you will have many really hard classes in med school that wont leave you wanting.

    just my :twocents:
    good luck with the course!


    The problem isn’t the class, it’s that you are ready to be in med school! 😉 Yes, I would have expected more from an upper level Bio Psych class as well. Look around you in class, the prof is teaching to the average student in there. You are so far above the average!

    Find out if you can get credit for an Honor’s course with this prof by writing a paper or doing some research. He should also be an excellent source for a LOR, considering you blew his test out of the water!

    Be proud, you are woman, hear you roar! 😀



    congrats on the great exam score. I too would feel happy and disappointed about my score being dropped. I think your preparation for this exam really shows how in-depth you are willing to go. This being my fourth (!) time in college after 2 BS degrees and a masters, I can honestly say that it is so much easier for me, not because the course is not difficult, but because I am willing to put in so much more in order to get the most out of it. When I finished college, I was 19 yrs. old and so immature (of course, I thought I was so mature then). I did well in all my courses, but only worked just hard enough to get the A. Some courses, the only classes I attended was the first day, the midterm, and the final! Looking back, I am sorry I wasted those opportunities to really get the most out of the class (not to mention wasting my parent’s money since they were paying the tuition bills back then), but I was more concerned with having fun. In grad school, I was challenged in ways I had never been before and loved it. I went to grad school in Italy and didn’t even speak the language when I got there and with grad level courses being in Italian, I was swamped with not only learning the language, but the req. material. I spent a lot of fri. and sat. nights in this time unlike undergrad and I look back on that experience and it was awesome. Now, in my post-bacc- I have that same will do as well as I possibly can, and I think a lot of my peers struggling with the class are trying to balance the havign fun and enjoying college with the work required. Once you find a true determination for something, it’s hard to let yourself slack off… I doubt you will end up only putting in a little effort for this second test. Don’t be frustrated by others lack of effort. Maybe at a different point down the road they will feel how you feel now and look back and wished they really pushed for it (which is how I look back at my undergrad years now).

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