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    Do med students and doctors ever get squeamish? I want to be a doctor but I’m a little wary of all the messy stuff. I dont get sick I just get kinda nervous and bothered. Do you just get over it?? Or is it that most people who become doctors never had a problem with it?


    Here.. try this thread…;f=15;t=000046

    there was another one discussing the same thing. You could try searching the forums.

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    You’ll get fairly callous to most of what you see- although once in a blue moon something just strikes you the wrong way {draining an abscessed hematoma at the bedside of an old lady- didn’t smell bad but the currant jelly coming out just necessitated I take a quick trip to the ladies room!) :laughing:


    You know…I’m a tech in med/surg, and I think I probably deal with some of the grossest (is that a word?) stuff in the world, and sometimes it does kind of get me…sputum, stool from someone with a GI bleed, NG tube drainage…but most of the time it’s no big deal.
    I was talking to one of the doctors I run into all the time about this very subject, and she said the one gets her, too, is sputum or snot. It’s strange to me of all the potential gross things…that simple one seems to get us.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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