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    I am just curious how many people out there with children celebrate halloween. if you don’t celebrate it, what do you do to keep them from feeling left out?


    I was just talking to someone today about this subject. My family does not “celebrate” Halloween. Honestly, this “holiday” conflicts with our personal spiritual beliefs. I dont have as many problems with my daughter feeling left out, now. She just turned 13 and so it really isnt a big deal anymore. However, when she was younger it was a little bit of trouble. As this day would approach I would get her involved in activities at our church or other events around town, as an alternative. There is usually a big Ice Capades show during this season and we have made it sort of a tradition to attend. This year she is going to Gatlinburg for a weekend retreat. My son is too young right now to be an issue. Im not overly preachy about this. My thought is that if I make it as natural for us to subscribe to our beliefs on this issue, as it is for others to participate in “Halloween”, my children wont feel any different or left out.


    Let me prefice this by saying this is OUR faith….I don’t wish to offend anyone, and I don’t expect everyone to agree with us….THAT’S OKAY!!!! This is just who OUR family is.

    THis was a HUGE issue for us! When our children were really little we just avoided the whole issue. However, as they grew and started school I realized that we were going to have to deal with it…..and I didn’t know what the correct response was. I grew up in a home that did not celebrate halloween for religious reasons and I agree with the premise. However, I wanted halloween to be more than just a “don’t” (or “do”). When my children turned 7 and 4 I spend the month prior to halloween praying about it…..and the answer came only a week before october 31. I had spent the evening at church talking to other parents about their response to halloween and the vast majority did not celebrate. There were two themes among this group……One group (including a dear friend) chose to spend “family” time together and went to the basment of their home and played games. The other group chose to have a “harvest” celebration. Neither response satisfied me. It was my children who provided the answer….a week before halloweeen my son (who was 7) asked me what I thought about halloween….
    “I don’t know? What do you think? I mean what do we SEE on halloween” I answered.
    Both my children chimed in, “Ghosts, witches, skeletins (sp?), grave stones, etc”
    I asked, “what do all these things mean?”
    My daughter thought a while and said, “they are all dead things”
    “and who made death?” I asked
    There was silence…and then a quiet little voice said, “the devil did”
    I asked, “so what should we do with halloween?”
    The question was ignored and instead they asked ME a question, “why do people celebrate halloween?”
    “Well…..I guess some people celebrate halloween because they truly WANT to celebrate the things saten made, and some people celebratae halloween because they don’t KNOW that the devil made these things”
    It was my four year old who burst out with her child faith….”WE NEED TO TELL THEM!!”
    “But how can we do that” I asked
    My 7 year old answered, “we need to PRAY for them”
    “Yes”, I smiled “we do need to pray for them” and together the three of us prayed for all the people who worshiped saten and all the people who didn’t know any better.
    Then my four year old came up with a solution….”WELL. I am going to be a rabbit because GOD made rabbits and RABBITS ARE ALIVE”
    I hesitated, wondering if this was the appropriate course of action but decided that Jesus wouldn’t have been hiding in the basement playing games….he would have been OUT THERE showing the world the difference between what he had to offer and what the world has to offer.
    Come halloween my children were dressed as a rabbit and a zebra……and I still wondered if I had done the correct thing. I wondered until we came to the FIRST door of the evening…..a woman who had made it very clear that she was an athiest. My children rang the doorbell and she answered. My four year old shouted wholeheartedly, “I’M a RABBIT! I’M ALIVE! AND GOD MADE ME!” This woman smiled a huge smile and reponded, “You sure are honey, and HE sure did!”

    Did my children miss the point? I don’t think so….I think they discovered the point!!! Our faith isn’t based on what we do or DON’T do. It is a relationship with the one who created us, and to have “hidden” from halloween wouldn’t have made as great an impact on my children or on those who we saw that night. I think we did EXACTLY what Jesus would have done. We were “in the world, but not OF the world.”

    Each year now, we stop and pray for everyone out there celebrating halloween….that they would discover through us the creator of life.


    The devil made death?



    Okay! Perhaps the devil didn’t “technically” create death, but without sin and the fall, man and all creation would have physically lived forever. So in that sense yes, the Devil created death.


    OK, I can’t resist. Sans devil, how get around overpopulation probs?

    Also, how do you reconcile this with the work you do in your field?



    Originally posted by amyk:
    Also, how do you reconcile this with the work you do in your field?

    amy [/b]

    On the simplest level, it can be likened to someone walking along a country road. The day is beautiful and they are casually enjoying the scenery. Suddenly something catches their eye in the gravel of the roads shoulder. Stooping down they pick up a pocket watch and hold it in their hands looking over the beautiful timepiece. I ask the question, “why did they pick it up. What was it that caught their attention?” They KNEW it was something valuable because of it’s ORDER. The odds of this the pocket watch coming together by “chance” in that particular order to create a pocket watch ON IT’S OWN is so astronomically impossible that the traveler KNEW it had been created by someone. In the same way I look at the world around me and analyze what I see. Even the simplest amino acid, glycine consists of 10 atoms arranged in a very precise order. So what ARE the odds of glycine’s 10 atoms “happening” to come together in that order? Although my statistics are rusty I think it is 2^10 or one in 1024. So what about lysine with it’s 25 atoms? (one in 33554432) or arginine with it’s 27 atoms? (one in 134217728). AND then what about the odds of ALL 20 amino acids coming together by chance?….it boggles the mind!!! And that is JUST for the building blocks….. not to mention all the LIVING systems that use them!!!! If I were to present an idea at a chemistry convention with THOSE odds…..I would be laughed out of the chemistry community!!! And yet……we all come into science with our own bias. I do. You do. Everyone does. When you choose to ignore the possibility of a creator, then you must look for an alternative no matter how improbable it may be. Which is easier to believe? ….that we are the “chance” happening at a trillion-trillion to one odds? …..or that there is a divine creator?

    I could go on and on….how about water? ….with it’s unique hydrogen bonding? Without this precise mechanism, life could not exist (ice would be heavier than water and sink killing all water creatures) Or how about the fact that earth is located at 93 million miles from the sun, precisely the distance necessary for life! Or the tilt of the earth? Exactly what is required for life to thrive? Could these have “just happened”? Certainly!! Any one thing by itself can be explained by “chance” but the shear statistical NUMBER of coincidence precludes that thought….unless you choose to ignore the possibility of a creator.

    James Joule the noted chemist of the 1800’s said it best…. “an acquaintance with natural laws is nothing less than an acquaintance with the mind of God therein expressed”

    The further I delve into the small part of science called chemistry, the more in awe I am of the beautiful, precise, specific creation!!


    I have a feeling this can turn into a Dawkins retread, but rather than looking at a molecule (or organism, what have you) as the chance combination of every constituent particle, wouldn’t it make more sense to look at it as the much more likely combination of two or three elementary particles, and then a progressive narrowing of likely possibilities for further combination? I’d guess that’d raise the odds of, say, arginine “just happening” significantly.



    okay, okay, i didn’t start this thread for any religious flaming or debate on evolution.

    anyone else not celebrate hallowen or have any alternative celebrations to halloween?


    Halloween for us is a “small holiday”, more about the seasons changing and fun, homemade costumes than about lots of candy or anything gruesome.

    Last year, we had a family party with a few other families, as an alternative to the big trick or treat thing. Everyone wore costumes or funny hats (adults too), we bowled (using small pumpkins for balls and plastic soda bottles for bowling pins), played pin the nose on the jack o’ lantern, and other silly things. Finger foods and kept everything simple. Everyone had a lot of fun and no one seemed to miss, or even notice, the more typical things going on in the neighborhood.

    Anyhow, it’s an idea and it worked well for us.


    I also admit to finding Halloween a bit too much, isn’t it the biggest $$$ generating holiday of all American holidays? We do celebrate but much like MaryBB, bit more low key. This year we will re-use some dress up and go to a friends house. Last year we were away and did trick or treat in the vacation home we were staying, had a ‘spooky’ meal. How about making some caramel apples or something?

    Hope that helps.



    WOW…a little heavy-hearted in this site today!!! I was going to prpose a new smily face insert that lloks like a pumpkin/jack-o-lantern ( which we’ll be carving this month) Fun and safe!

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