Does anyone have exercise and healthful eating tips so that I can have more energy ?

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    Hi I’m 34 and I need some advice on exercise and healthy eating. I’m a mother of two girls(7yrs and 15 months)and after reading some of the others intros and bios, I am amazed at how much these other mothers are doing and still have enough energy to study once the kids are in bed. Give me some of your daily routines and exercise and healthy eating advice. Are your husbands a help at home? After my kids go to bed, I fall out on top of my bed unable to move until morning!


    A good rule of thumb to get some energy is to do cardio work, boy will that rev up your system. I used to teach a late night step aerobics class and there was no way I could go to bed until 1:00 at night I was so pumped. Also you do not need to do a lot, maybe 20-30 minutes of cardio will do the trick. My husband does help out but not because he choose to, I refuse to do everything period. Although most of the thinking (what will we eat, what do I need to buy at the grocery store, what goes in lunch boxes) is done by yours truly, I insist that he helps in some way. I just stopped doing certain things, and if he wanted them done then he got the idea that “humm maybe I should help out” I used to be a SHAM but once school started for me, all the things that I used to do, well I could not. Sorry for the long winded post, but get help from hubby/kids, workout, and possbily let your standards slip a little 😮


    Thanks for the info!


    Hi, Louise.

    I am starting to do more frequent work-outs and esp. cardio, like Efex already mentioned. This is helping me feel even more exhausted I think.

    I don’t know if my “routine” will help at all because my situation is so out of the ordinary. I am a single mother who moved back in with her parents, so yes, except for big exams when I ask them to watch Ronni in the evenings so that I can study and still be lucid the next day — I do it all. And I’m in the same boat as you … I don’t know how I do it. I think that it is truly just shear determination to do something, one baby step at a time. Some days I feel like I can’t do anything at all.

    I used to bounce out of bed, but now, I crawl and curse myself out of bed. Then, I make it over to see my daughter and start waking her up. BY this time, she has put a smile on my face at least. I drop her at day care, go onto work. Take 1st class at 1 3 days/week, rearranged lunch hour to take this class … luckily the lab is after work. I get off at 3 and go next class at 4,pick Veronica up right after 5. We go to the gym at least a couple of times/week. Try to spend as much time with her as possible between cooking, relaxing, getting her fed and off to bed around 8pm, then I settle in to study for at least two hours/night …usually more. Go to bed around 11:30, hopefully!! 😉 Hear the alarm clock again at 5:30am to repeat daily 😡 , but I do love it because I know that this mad routine will someday steer me to sitting with patients and discussing their problems, fears, etc.

    If you are extremely tired (as I have been lately!), you might want to have your doc check your iron levels. Mine were low, just barely … I think by two points, and it made a dramatic difference in how I felt. 😮

    Good luck!
    Brandi 🙂

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