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    My degree doesnt require that I take calculus, I initially wasnt going to take it, since it is not a prereq for the school in which I will apply, and to top this all of I thought I was a math dummie. I found out that I am not. I am considering taking it because I can finally say I can do it (of course that is my attitude before taking the class). Problem is I dont have much money (or time, for that matter) to be taking unnecessary classes. It would soley be for purposes of proving myself to me, and maybe looking better on my transcript. But will it really matter that much? If not, I think I will spend my time and money on my necessary classes, instead of scrounging up a way to take calculus.


    Currently, I am enrolled in calculus and have a 240 point final this Wednesday! Personally, if your prospective medical school doesn’t require it, I don’t know that I would take it! I actually really do enjoy math, absolutely loved college algebra, and enjoyed trig, however, calculus is ABSTRACT….I don’t know than you can understand exactly how it works…..anyway, now that it’s the end of the semester and I am finally catching on to it a little, I actually enjoy it–but only sometimes! The concepts are difficult to grasp because you are forced to think in an entirely different way that what you are used to: compute the limit as the function f(x)=3x^2+4 approaches inifinity…It also depends on where you are doing your undergraduate work, for example, I am taking calculus at a large institution–my lecture has 500+ students, then I have a recitation with 35 students and a Graduate Student as a teacher, on top of all that, a professor other than my lecturer writes the test…so I am learning this stuff from two different people, then trying to take a test in a format that is a bit different than what I have been taught…. 😡 if you are in a smaller school where you will have the same person writing the test and teaching you and doing your recitation, then I would say go for it….there are a lot of things to take into consideration!! Thanks for reading my calculus woes!!!!! :rotfl: Good Luck making your decision!!

    Meg 😉


    I can only imagine how frustrating that must be. I feel for ya.
    The thing is, I found out my current math teacher will be teaching the 8 week calculus course over the summer. She is EXCELLENT. I wouldnt want to take calculus without having her, I dont think. She does a hell of a job explaining concepts, even spent a little bit talking about that limiting value in calculus. I do go to a smaller college, so she does write the tests. I wasnt so sure about taking calculus in only 8 weeks, especially given my previous math anxiety. But she told me I was among the top in the class, and she cant believe how I am always talking about sucking in math, she said that just taking calculus only in the 8 week session shouldnt be too bad on me. She told me, “You can do it, Dana”. I guess it took this mathematician to tell me I was good to make myself believe it no matter if I had a 91 percent. That is a low A, and the A I am earning in class is not because I automatically grasp the concepts, I work my butt off. Anyway, thanks for your reply. Im still trying to decide, I think mostly not. My major is Liberal Arts.



    If you are done with all pre-med classes and you are bored or looking for something to do then yes you may want to take it. If you are taking it and you think that adcoms will be impressed well not really, yeah it is good to have it will not hurt but it will not be like OMG this applicant is the heat for taking calc. So to recap if you have $$$ to blow as well as a ton of time (it takes a lot of time this is not algebra) then by all means indulge yourself…but do not do it just to impress (not that you would) just my 0.2—


    Oh Dana,

    I would *not* take calculus if I had a choice. 😮

    At my undergrad, it was required of me to obtain my BS in chemistry. I was *always* a star at math…a star. :goodvibes: I took AP Calculus in high school…and did okay (but ended up dropping it so I could maintain my perfect GPA). I took it again in college (because it was required). I went to a small private university, and my teacher was outstanding…even gave us lots of “help” during our exams so we would all pass. And you know what? I ended up with a C (after being familiarized with the subject in high school, after taking all of the prep classes, being a star math student, and star student in general…)!! :boggled: I graduated summa cum laude from college…despite my C in calculus. And in retrospect, I didn’t do that bad and am happy with my C (which was the lowest grade I ever received both in high school and college).

    I was on my med school’s adcom…and calculus wouldn’t have impressed us. :no: MCAT scores, extracurricular activites, and GPA impressed us. Concentrate on what’s required. Take calculus later on in life “for fun.” Trust me, it’s a *hard* class.



    Okay, it didnt take that much persuasion. I am not taking it. I dont have the money or extra time. Ill just concentrate on finishing my prereqs (physics and O chem) and what IS required of my degree. It helps to know too, that it doesnt really matter that much.
    Thanks to you all for your replies

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