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    Good morning everyone.

    I am new to this forum and felt like throwing out a line and seeing if anyone has time or energy to respond. I am a 31 yo single mommy with a 13 month old still sleeping…time to write is precious! I am an RN student with only 30 weeks to go until graduation from the ADN program. I have a Bachelors degree from 2003 in Biology, when my emphasis was Premed. Of course it is eight years later, and of course, I am dreaming of studying medicine. The desire to become a physician is still here, deep and undeniable inside. I enjoy my clinical experiences as a nursing student, but I do know that my hunger for knowledge…and something else…a calling, or a message from something bigger than me…will lead me to study medicine eventually. Who can relate?

    Thanks for listening and responding.



    Hi Carolinamama- I do know that feeling, from a long time ago, but if it is your dream- for over 8 years, then do it. There were some RN’s in my med school class and they were great medical students as they could bring RN experience with them. They were also able to work a little as RN’s while in school if they needed extra money. In fact, I would think about keeping up your RN license to give you this flexibility in school.

    My daughter is an RN and wants to get her NP. She has not had much desire to be a doctor and seems to be happy. She has shared aspects of her training and experiences with me, and I have much respect for what she does. I don’t see one as being “better” than the other- just as long as what you do suits you. But I see this desire in you, and perhaps you should consider pursuing your dreams and see where they lead you.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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