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    Hello all!

    I am not asking for any med. advice. My daughter just went to see her ped again yesterday. She was given a clean bill of health. :goodvibes:

    My question is, has anyone ever let their child’s ear infections go? Is it possible to keep a close eye on them without antibiotics? Her ped prescribed a new antibiotic last time because the previous one caused a yeast infection and some minor problems. This new one caused a week’s worth of explosive diarrhea, yeast infection, same other ‘stuff’. :scratchchin:

    Brandi 😀


    I have heard that some physicians are taking the “wait and see” approach but they give them decongestants along with that. That is for your doctor to decide :yes: . You do NOT want your child to have hearing damage from these recurrent ear infections :no: . Also, the long time it takes for your child’s hearing to return to normal while recovering from the infections can delay the language development.

    I had so many ear infections as a child that the doctor finally had to resort to putting temporary drainage tubes in my ears 😮 . I now have some mild hearing loss which doesn’t affect me too bad but I do talk a little louder than usual and I misunderstand people sometimes :footinmouth: .

    Best of luck to you and your little darling.

    Elise 😀


    I apologize that I can’t quote the exact journal article on this study, but there was one published recently where children with confirmed OM (otitis media, middle ear infections) were diagnosed in the office by a physician and then the parents were given instructions for around the clock pain medication (tylenol or motrin) for 48 hours PLUS a prescription for an antibiotic. The instructions were to give the pain med around the clock for the 48 hours and fill the antibiotic only if the child got worse or was still as sick at 48 hours. Something like 60% of the children did not take any antibiotic at all and recovered uneventfuly.

    So there is a prospective trial that shows that you CAN wait it out and see how your child does… but as the mother of a toddler who had ear infections back to back for months, got tubes in October, and has a draining ear infection even now – I don’t take chances. My kid’s vocabulary went through the roof after she got tubes, and I believe it’s b/c she didn’t have the constant inflammation and serous fluid behind the drum anymore. BUT, this is a child who had CONSTANT ear infections. Not a child who had an occasional (i.e. one or two a year) infection. So, I would say consult with your pediatrician and do what he/she thinks is safe and you feel okay with. If you are keeping a close eye on your child for worsening, maybe watching and waiting will save your baby more diaper blow-outs and terrible rashes!

    And don’t you wish someone could develop an antibiotic that babies loved to take, didn’t stain, was once a day (or one time only!), and had absolutely no GI intolerance? I’d give any amount of money for it!!

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