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    Have any of you ever had an issue with your child being embarrassed to be seen with you…

    I remember having a friend who hated his mother showing her face at school because he thought her skin was too dark. He was a fair, redhead with freckles, and his mother was a dark african american woman…and the father was very fair. He was embarrassed of his mother…

    …I hear about children not wanting to be seen with their mothers (and ask that their mothers not pick them up close to school, or come up to their classrooms, walk ahead of them in the mall, etc) because they believe their mom is too…fat, tall, thin, dark, ugly, whatever.

    Anyone with experience, suggestions, or stories?


    Just kissing – since Kindergarten I’m not supposed to kiss my son goodbye, and other moms relate the same.


    As much as I hate to admitt it, I was embarrassed of my wonderful grandma. My family originated in the south so I had learned the english language growing up in the north with having a sounthern drawl. Consequently, I was teased at school by the northerners. I corrected my language, believe it or not, by second grade. I did this by listening to the notherners and practicing. Anways, after that, I never wanted my grandma to show up for grandparents day because of her heavy southern drawl. I looked at it as negative, something I would be looked down upon for, and teased. I hate to admitt this now, as an adult. Kids can be soo cruel.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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