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    Hey all!

    Does anyone know how to go about getting EMT training or have any information about being one?
    I was considering taking the certification course and becoming one.

    Would it be good experience? Im mainly looking for a job that pays even the tiniest bit of money so I can begin paying back school loans AND learn from it. I was thinking I might get to observe some interesting cases. What do you think?


    I believe an EMT takes a couple of months training, you test out on the “skills” by the instructor, and have to take a test. I dont know what all it entails, I had a friend who went through the training, then didnt follow through with certification. (She has a history of quitting things). EMT’s are more out on the field, rather than in the hospital.
    In the hospitals (the one I work anyway) there are emergency room technicians. These people help assist in some procedures, do the EKG’s and things of that nature. I think the formal training for this is provided by the hospital to which you are hired. I know a pre med who is currently doing this.
    Hope this helps!


    hey, I just replied to a similar post under general discussion. you might want to read that thread as well. Also, this was discussed over the summer, so you can search old threads too. If you have any questions after reading my post in general about becoming an EMT, feel free to PM me.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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