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    I am a recently married ER doc working in the burbs of Philadlephia. Family issues are foremost on my mind. I want to get pregnant ASAP. I am worried about juggling work with pregnany and then child rearing. I want to continue to work full-time. Although shift work will allow me to spend full days with my child, how do I manage work days and even more difficult work nights. I know my husband will need to pitch in big time but how do other EM docs manage coming home from a 7P to 7A shift with a new born irregularly speeping child? Also I am questioning my currant contract. As of now my “boss” has no provision for maternity leave only what the Federal law has allowed (leave of absence and a job when I return). I want to demand more but would like to know how other women specifially in Emergency Medicine have handled the issue. Help!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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