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    I am a recently married ER doc working in the burbs of Philadlephia. Family issues are foremost on my mind. I want to get pregnant ASAP. I am worried about juggling work with pregnany and then child rearing. I want to continue to work full-time. Although shift work will allow me to spend full days with my child, how do I manage work days and even more difficult work nights. I know my husband will need to pitch in big time but how do other EM docs manage coming home from a 7P to 7A shift with a new born irregularly speeping child? Also I am questioning my currant contract. As of now my “boss” has no provision for maternity leave only what the Federal law has allowed (leave of absence and a job when I return). I want to demand more but would like to know how other women specifially in Emergency Medicine have handled the issue. Help!




    La Leche League has some info on their website about negotiating leave. Good luck.


    I am an ER doc and have not been able to do it full time despite the fact that we have a supposedly flexible schedule. I work half time so that I can have the patience and sanity to deal with my 2 year old. I am a single mom so there is no juggling with my partner. It is all on me. I do not do overnights and am on a set weekend schedule so that I can find a regular babysitter and not have my time clock constantly reset. If I end up doing an overnight as a favor I make sure I have childcare the day before and after so I can get anchor sleep in. I think full time ED is too stressful for me to handle with a kid to think about but I envy those who can do it. Most of my colleagues with kids are doing set overnights so they can be on a regular schedule and be with their kids during the day. I would just collapse if I had to take care of my kid after working all night.


    how easy was it for you to find at part-time ER position? I am thinking about doing this when I have kids. Did you work for a certain number of years full time before asking for a part-time position? How do other docs feel apart part-time docs? Are you still receiving full benefits? I am only starting to look into this and don’t have much information. No one at my hospital is part-time.



    It is not easy to find a part time ER position but it is easy to do per diem work and run your own show. I started out working per diem for my hospital and lucked into a half time position with full time benefits. I don’t know of many hospitals that offer this so when I got it after moonlighting there for a year, I grabbed it. I think part time docs are not viewed any differently but it is too early for me to tell. Also, since I am only a weekend worker I don’t have as much interaction with the “regulars” but I think my colleagues feel I am as capable as they are.


    I am boarded in Internal Medicine but was at one time considering working for a local ER until I could decide on what I wanted to do in terms of practice selection. I was offered a part-time ER position (seven 12-hour shifts a month) with full-time benefits for about $108K.

    In terms of opinions regarding part time physicians, there is no ill-will in this area. I think if anything, the other docs are saying “Now why didn’t I think of that?” QOL means so much!!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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