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    OK what do you think of this?

    “Georgia Looks at Taking word Evolution Out of Textbooks

    Kathy Cox, who is Georgia’s State Superindendent of Schools, proposes that the word evolution be taken out of textbooks and the wording “biological changes over time” be put in in its place.
    The proposal can be found on Georgia’s Department of Education web site. The public will be allowed to comment on the 800 pages of proposed draft revisions to middle and high school standards. The state board of education will vote this May.
    Cox calls evolution a “buzzword” and says teachers in conservative areas get a lot of pressure when they teach it. Changing the wording in her view would take such pressure off them. Critics say she is defying science for the sake of politics. “


    Ridiculous!! See…this is what’s wrong with having too much free time!!


    Embarrassing…I lived in KS the year they took evolution out of the curriculum..





    Huh? :scratchchin:

    EM momEM mom

    I guess this may be showing my naivete, but what in the world is wrong with the word “evolution”? I’m always stunned at what people choose to make issues out of…


    I read about that earlier, and sent it to all my science friends. We are baffled as to why they would take the word out and still teach the theory. That makes no sense on either end of the argument!


    Wow…at least they are still teaching the theory…you know..political correctness has just gone WAY toooooo far. This is the beginning….I predict that in a few years evolution will no longer be discussed … the new term will actually be “biological changes over time”



    OH, this isn’t a matter of political correctness gone awry. This is pandering to the Religious Reich that doesn’t want to put aside their ignorance and actually learn something about science and *what* the theory of evolution actually is!

    How, I ask you, are we going to ever teach students anything about biology without mentioning evolution? And how will we ever move past this nonsense if we aren’t able to openly discuss it in class for fear of “offending” some conservative nincompoop who chooses to believe the garbled version of evolution they’ve been taught by televangelists?

    I am reminded of a student who plans to become a brain surgeon some day….and who asked if she could sleep through the days we covered evolution since she “didn’t believe any of it anyway.” So nice that she rests her own brain before operating on someone else’s. Now, I don’t expect my students to just jump right on in and believe cause I say so, but to dismiss it outright with no reasoning other than “cause the bible says so,” is not what I would call critical thinking.

    Can’t blame this one on PC. The liberals aren’t the ones asking for “change over time.” It’s the folks who are too afraid for their children to learn anything other than the Biblical tale of creation and who actually think creationism deserves equal time in science class.

    Ahhh….some days I just love teaching “evil-lution” so I can watch them get all riled up.



    As one of those “conservative wackos” 😉 I feel I should jump in. Here are my :twocents: – and this may surprise you. I guess that I should say that I grew up in the REALLY conservative super-hyper about everything evolution homes. I was home-schooled and used Christian textbooks fro everything. For undergrad I attended a Christian school that is also every conservative. As a result, I obviously received no evolutionary teaching! But I am pursuing a career in science at a state school now. It has been very interesting. All my life I weas taught that the word evolution was evil, evil, evil. It was a buzzword that immediately signaled ERROR. Note: this is not my position now, just the past mindset. I am on a journey now to determine where I stand on the whole issue. I do not think that the answer is to take evolution out of the schools. That is ridiculous. I think that even the most conservative people SHOULD agree that evolution does occur to some degree. The beef that they should have is the evolution between species. But that does not invalidate the whole concept and that was what I was taught.

    Another side to this is that creation is taught with a much greater bias than evolution is in these circles. Questioning anything is not allowed. What is science about again? :blush:


    bekagain– you won’t get flamed here! I appreciate that you offered your opinion coming from the other side, and I respect that you have an open enough mind to be able to accept evolution as well, or at least start to.

    I think that there are many scientists out there who believe in both evolution and creation. Many people believe that there is a god who created the world, but that evolution is a process that is perhaps the means of creation. This is not my stance, but it illustrates how someone may choose to accept both. I think the danger comes when creationism is taught exclusively, despite all the evidence in support of evolution, such as the fossil record and newer DNA evidence such as phylogenetic trees. I think it’s perfectly acceptable to teach children about religious beliefs, but I think it’s a tremendous disservice to not teach, and even call “evil”, a theory that has volumes of hard evidence in validation of it.


    doc dredloc 2bdoc dredloc 2b

    As a very embarrassed Georgia resident, I am upset that our superintendent is more concerned with the word “evolution” than with finding out what we’re doing wrong in terms of being at the bottom of heap with education. Frankly, I don’t think learning about evolution is the problem with the curriculum.

    Anyhoo, I am Christian, I believe in God and Jesus, but I am also liberal in my views. I do believe it is important for children to learn about evolution because it gives them a basis on which to build their own beliefs. If someone keeps telling you that there’s only one side of the story, then you’ll just remain ignorant and we all know what ignorance can do (ie taking evolution out of the curriculum). I mean we’ve got one state taking God out of everything and not we’ve got one state that wants to eliminate scientific theory in favor of religion.

    I wake everyday confused :confused:


    I went to Catholic school for 15 yrs. How about we just say that God created evolution? :laughing:


    Originally posted by Drey:
    I think that there are many scientists out there who believe in both evolution and creation. Many people believe that there is a god who created the world, but that evolution is a process that is perhaps the means of creation. [/b]

    Can I get an Amen?! You hit that right on the nose.

    I am a christian and I have never been taught that evolution was discounting my religious teachings/beliefs. See, here in the US, we are supposed to have freedom of religion, but inadvertantly, these people are trying to force their religious beliefs on others by abolishing the theory of evolution. Sounds a bit unconstitutional to me. Who has the right to change the name of the theory?

    Evolution just isnt a religious issue for me at all. I love Jesus and I love biology!


    Er…it’s not like public schools do a famous job of teaching any kind of science past elementary school. My guess is that very few biology teachers can accurately define evolution, whatever you may call it, or make a convincing “fossil records” case. And I’m guessing the numbers go way down if you ask those teachers to discuss arguments surrounding punctuated equilibrium.

    Unless the teachers are actually teaching science and making clear what kind of faith science rests on, iow, I don’t think they do the kids any more service by hitting them with the evolution stick than they do with the creationism stick. Rote crap either way.

    Of course, if your intent is to propagandize future voters, you’ll want to get your word of choice stuck in the books, and to h#ll with the rest.


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