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    Future Mom MDFuture Mom MD

    Have any of you used ExamCrackers.

    I have heard that it is a good study guide, but I want you ladies opinions before I buy it.



    Never heard of that book. I took the princeton review course and felt it helped BIG TIME. Worth the money, every penny of it. Helped to make sure I studied for it instead of just getting busy with my classes and kids and leaving it until the last minute.

    Good luck on the MCAT. 😀

    Med 1


    Examcrackers is really good as far as the books go for that is all I really know about. I have heard from other pre-meds that the actual course is also good. But, from talking to folks that scores really high they all stated that reviewing from two or three different sources is the way to go. This way you will get different perspectives and this can only help. I would for sure get my hands on all the AAMC exams, some TPR, and possibly some EK ones. I am planning on taking the TPR review course in Nashville, but also have all the EK material, plus all the AAMC tests. My goal is to do as many practice exams as possible (hopefully 15 or more). Good luck!


    I have the EK books and really like them – and also agree with efex about using various sources and the AMCAS tests.

    Future Mom MDFuture Mom MD

    Thanks guys for the input.

    I am a soph. this year and really wanted to start studying the Chemistry and Biology subjects first since I have taken those and also the verbal reasoning.

    I will start to do my extensive study this summer after I have taken physics. I plan on doing a Kaplan review and getting the AAMC practice tests also.



    Buon giorno!

    I live in the heart of the midwest and nothing reaches us until it is completely outdated! I have heard a lot about the ExamCrackers from several websites. It sounds like great material!

    Can it be ordered online?

    Right now (probably way to early to really study for me), I am using an old Peterson’s, and MCAT 45 book (I think it is Kaplan’s!?) None of our local bookstores, which are also big chains, carry the ExamCrackers.

    Brandi :confused:

    Mary B-B ToBeDocMary B-B ToBeDoc

    Amazon.com has tons of MCAT prep books & tapes that can be ordered…just type in MCAT as a keyword search. It’s also possible to take a Kaplan course online. Good luck!


    I just took the August test and only studied through late June/July?aug with the Princeton Review class and my old text books. I did ok considering the intense cramming and the “oh my God I am overwhelmed” feeling. I am going to retake and have ordered the whole ExamKrackers package, plus a second hand set of the audio osmosis. I also ordered a medical phsyiolgy textbook (Guyton/Hall, authors) plus some Schaums textbooks for genetics; and other assorted Physics Made Easy kinds of books. I know, I am not rich but many people say use alot of books and do millions of problems (1001 Physics/Chem/OChem Problems Books, by EKrackers are good). I reccomend some serious Amazon.Com browsing. I think we get a discount if we order thru Studentdoctor.net or oldpremeds.net.

    So this is what I will be doing these next few months. Oh, and trying to get pregnant … 😉


    I found and ordered the Examkrackers at Amazon used for 111 bucks. I found it to be the most universally highly recommended study guide with the least useless information. (I read that the Princeton Review had tons of superfluous information that wasted study time.)

    I also found a website where you can prepare online at


    I did their “tour” and thought it looked absolutely great. You can do practice questions, find out immediately if you got the answer right, and if you didn’t you can get an instant pop-up explanation for how to get the right answer. Then you can mark the question in terms of why you think you got it wrong (made it more complicated than it was, misread the question, etc.) I definitely plan to order it when I get a bit closer to my test date (like, within a year!)


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