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    Is your school family friendly? What stories have you heard? What questions did you ask? How many moms in your class? What does family friendly mean to you?

    Anything else you’d like to tell us about your knowledge of family friendly medical schools. Look forward to expanding on the MomMD survey here!!



    I am currently a student at The Ohio State University College of Medicine and Public health. I am married with three daughters. I was accepted to three schools (3/3! whoohoo)and picked this one because it has the most flexible curriculum of any medical school I have ever seen. There are lots of mommies and daddies at this school. There are 3 learning pathways to choose from:
    1) Integrated pathway, basically the normal lectures/take exams with everyone else schedule that all medical schools have
    2) Problem-based learning Pathway, which is a learning approach based on case studies. Students are divided into groups of 7 and are given case studies. They try to found out all the information related to the patient’s situation in the case study and then they discuss it. The groups are guided by 2 faculty members each.
    3) Independent studies pathway: the subject matter is divided into “modules”. You are given recommendations on when you should take the exams for the modules, as well as “max times” by which you must have taken the exam (barring unusual circumstances). Other than that, you study WHEN you want, and WHERE you want. You can ask the profs questions any time you want. Labs are required for some of the modules. This is my choice. You can also choose to complete the 2 year curriculum in 3 years.

    Anatomy is required to be done with the whole class, regardless of your chosen pathway. YOu enter your pathway following the completion of anatomy. Your pathway lasts for the first 2 years of med school until clinicals in years 3 and 4.

    This school is so parent friendly, I just can’t believe it. I’m amazed. Many women have babies while in the independent studies pathway. This is so ideal for parents, or anyone who hates to waste time in boring lectures. 😡 (like me).

    Take care and enjoy the ride!

    Elise Sadoun 😀

    P.S. All three pathways are equally successful on boards and in clinicals/residency


    I knew that my medical school, Quillen/ETSU, was very open to nontraditional students when I interviewed, and had a fairly good idea that children were not an issue from the beginning. It’s one of the reasons that I decided to attend med school here over some other choices (for example, one unnamed “top” school in NC where the tour guide, a physician’s wife who didn’t have a clue about modern medical education chastised me in front of all of the other young, single interviewees for being married and let me know outright that I would “have a much harder time than anyone else” and wouldn’t be successful.) 😡 Anyhow, I have found that Quillen is very open to families during my 2 years here. 3 of my classmates had children before med school, including one single mom of an 8 year old. During my second year, two female classmates had babies, one in December and one in February, and the administration was more than happy to work with them regarding scheduling, taking the first 3rd year rotation off, and scheduling the USMLE. One of my best friends had her son July 30 of this year and was allowed to split her 8 week family med rotation; she completed the first month, had the baby, will take 8 weeks off, and return for the second month…all this and the baby was diagnosed with coarctation of the aorta at 2 weeks old and had major surgery to correct it. I’m sure that she would have been allowed more time off had she needed it. The time can be made up during 4th year. As it stands now, we have had 5 babies born to classmates since starting in 2000, 4 classmates’ wives are pregnant now, and a good number more (myself included) are actively trying. There are good child-care resources near campus and within the hospital system, and financial aid recently increased the amount of loan assistance available for child care expenses. Another plus is that the affiliated residency programs here (with the exception of OB/GYN and Surgery, of course), mainly Family Medicine, are very open to spouses and families and try to encourage interests outside of medicine.


    Eeh, I am so horrified to hear about that tour guide. Grrrrrrr. I did have one co-interviewee declare in front of the whole group that “she felt soooo sorry for me”. Immature little…. 😮

    On the bright side there are schools out there that are extraordinarily helpful to medical school parents. Kudos to them!

    Good luck and enjoy “actively trying” to have a baby 😉



    Thanks Elise!

    I still get a little irritated, as you can see, when I think about that tour guide. I must say, though, that the other medical schools that I interviewed with, including all of the Virginia schools, were at least OK with me having a spouse. I have a friend at UVA’s med school who was married with a daughter when she matriculated and it’s gone pretty smoothly for her. It’s not perfect here at Quillen, but more and more of us are planning families. They’re being forced to deal with med school parents on a regular basis and seem to be adapting well!



    My school isnt listed in the family friendly section of the med schools but i have had a very positive experience. Westernu/College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific is located in Pomona, CA. They give a significant amount of time off during the third and fourth years. I had my son at the end of my third year and was able to pool all of my vacation for 3rd and 4th years. i got three months off without having to delay graduation. im now in my fourth year doing fairly easy rotations which allow me more time with my son. i am pleased!

    CaLiGirL :)CaLiGirL:)

    Does anybody know of any other family friendly schools???




    I went to University of Maryland and had 2 children during school. The first was born the first day of spring break in my first year. I had some complications which required me to miss the last week of class before that and was allowed to make up my neuro final at my convenience. After my son was born I took off an extra 2 weeks (cardiology section of physiology) and they let me skip the exam and count the cardio questions on the final double instead. I could have stayed home longer but I don’t know how many more exams I would have been allowed to skip! My second son was born during winter break of fourth year. I had 3 months of vacation that year so time off was no problem. There were several other people who had children during school and none had any problem taking time off.

    CaLiGirL :)CaLiGirL:)

    🙂 …bump… 🙂



    How about family housing? what schools offer that.
    Or daycare, seem like all the school that are hard to get into like Stanford,Duke,and of course


    This was mentioned in another thread so I thought I’d bump it up.

    Anyone else want to contribute?

    Kimberli BoldKimberli Bold

    Has anyone had a positive experience at a NW school such as OSHU or UW?

    thanks in advance



    I’ve talked with some Stanford students — There is family/student housing — they have lectures, but they are all available online — so you can miss a lecture and still watch it later. Also, they have Wednesdays off — not bad!

    I don’t know anything about Duke or Harvard.



    If I remember correctly, Vanderbuilt offers some kind of child care services.

    Most of the Osteopathic schools in which I interviewed were very ‘family friendly’ (I mean, c’mon, who know how to handle a crisis better than a mom? 😉 ) but don’t always have funded childcare programs. To their credit, however, they seem to have very active Spouse Auxillary Associations that provide support.

    Hope that helps.


    UT Houston is pretty good about family friendly. They let you split your first year of school into two years. I am 3.5 months pregnant with my first and the school has told me to worry about having a healthy baby and just do as much as I can do with school. I will update as I find out more.

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