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    I would like to become a mentor again…..I have had several medical students and NP/PA students in the past but do not see any of them coming down the pike soon!
    Undergraduate in NYS, Medical School in New York…residency training in the Mid-west…
    First job in the midwest in a town of 725 people in the middle of countless wheatfields… :guilty:
    Second job was so far north it got dark at 330 pm, snowed 180 inches per year…but on the bright side was large enough to have a KmART. 🙂
    Married now and working on having kids…
    NOT HAPPY at all in the third job… 🙁 😉 not sure whether it is everyone’s atrocious behavior or whether i am becoming a softy ( hope not!)
    Would welcome anyone to do a rotation in this inpt/outpatient practice which includes a lot of procedures…thanks….

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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