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    Fun topic!

    If your anything like me you have certain supplies for school that you just HAVE to have…lol

    Mine are few, but necessary:

    -*really* good binder. I am very particular about my binders since I use them so much and they help keep my class work organized. There is only one brand/style/type I will buy.

    -PaperMate Clear Point mechanical pencil is the ONLY pencil I will use (I dont use pens).

    -Page protectors. These are so great to keep important papers, handouts, etc available and clean. Helps me stay organized.

    -Good wall calander. I do have a portable calander/organizer that I carry in my book bag, but with my wall calander I can write stuff on it and be able to “see” it at a glance. When things are due, test dates, vacation time, doc appointments, kid stuff, just *everything* at a glance. In my planner I have more detailed notes.



    I really like the add-a-pocket-dividers. It is great for stuffing last minute handouts, and notes, untill you can open your binder and put them away. I also have a favorite mechanical pencil.

    You’re right! Fun topic! 😀

    I also like the clickable hightlighters…gotta have those!! 😀


    I like those neon colored sticky tabs you can use to mark your place in a book or in your notes.

    Also, this is totally high school, but I still really like using those multicolored gel pens. It gives me a kick to take my notes in green or purple.

    I also need a huge eraser, because the ones on the pencils always run out before the pencil part does.


    I have to have a notebook for lecture notes, and a seperate one for the same subject for out of book notes for the tests, they are color coded by class.
    I love blue ink…I only use papermate mechanical pencils, have to have a key chainlike ministapler, Oh, and a whole puncher!


    I love multiple colored pens for my class notes!


    My all-time favorite office/school supplies are paper clips. I bought a never ending supply of them from Staples and they never cease to make me smile!!!


    Papermate mechanical pencils all the way!!! 😀

    I also love Pilot G2 gel pens. I have to have a binder with a picture pocket on the front for my daughter’s artwork! :goodvibes: Five Star notebooks are my favorite for notes. I have to have college ruled notebook paper with really dark lines. This is kind of turning into my obsessiveness about school supplies… :scratchchin: Oh well! PArt of the “nerdy” image, I guess. 😉

    My new “can’t live without” supply I discovered at my new school’s bookstore. Prepackaged notecards on a ring in lots of differen sizes – one for simple vocab, one for more detail in anatomy, etc.

    I love school supplies. :cloud9:

    Jen In N. GAJen In N. GA

    FOrsome reason I get a euphoric feeling when I buy office/school supplies. I have to admit that my favorite is my Mechanical fat pencils. If I lend one out I track it down. I just invested ina palm pilot after I outgrew my calendar. Between family and school I couldn’t see carrting another bigger book around in my backpack. :no:

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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