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    What are your favorite medical web sites (MOMMD excluded of course)

    I just discovered a few new ones…
    [URL=http://www.MDNG.com ]web page[/URL] lots of free CME’s
    [URL=http://www.emedicine.com ]web page[/URL] great reference source but CME’s cost after first 1.5- keeps track for you though
    medscape.com free CME’s also discussion boards

    Baylor has great CME’s free in streaming video! just watch it and take post test

    KUMC had great pedi cardiac site w/ real time echos- don’t know if its still up also pediheart

    Hawaii also had great radiographs
    there’s a derm site w/ atlas of pics can’t remember that site either (Univ. of Iowa)- I used to have all these bookmarked but lost it when we got a new computer

    I would really like a site w/ an interactive case- I think netmedicine used to or still has their mega code, but may not have changed it- the same 2-3 cases- I’m peds so I would really like a PALS megacode as opposed to ACLS

    I like the AAFP.org better than the AAP.org it really has more practical things on it

    of course CDC.gov is a must have WHO is also useful

    I have tons of breastfeeding websites on my favorites if anyone is interested and ofcourse there are plenty of parenting sites too
    [URL=http://www.immunize.org ]web page[/URL] is pretty good

    I like sites w/ free downloads and pt handouts

    I do still have some bookmarks that I haven’t checked out in a while: merckmedicus, virtual symposia

    check out [URL=http://www.nofreelunch.org ]web page[/URL] about dealing w/ drug companies

    anybody looking into med schools or residencies should check out their web sites, sometimes you can see bios of the residents

    Wash. U. has some of the best sites
    most hospitals also have web sites CHOP is also great and the poison center ones (Pittsburg) are always phenomenal

    NICU-net actually has alot of good links
    pedinfo and pedbase
    some of these sites are great for med student/ intern presentations b/c when in a rush could print out an outline format topic and read!

    how about free journals online!?!
    [URL=http://www.contemporarypediatrics.com ]web page[/URL] also has free CME but when you read the articles online you don’t get the pictures

    okay I’ll leave it at that- I’m having insomnia- as you can see- :tired: stress over my patients- think I’ll go visit some of those sites now- can’t wait to hear about new ones :goodvibes:


    I’m addicted to the following three web sites:

    MomMD (this one of course)!
    OldPreMeds (www.oldpremeds.net)–a resource for non-traditional premed and medical students (and doctors for those who are totally done!)
    Student Doctor Network–forums for everyone.

    I post a lot on MomMD and OPM but never on SDN b/c the posts can be inflammatory on SDN although I read them constantly. I feel MomMD & OPM are smaller, more personal online communities so I feel more comfortable posting there. Plus, the members are generally very supportive. :grouphug: I should probably be checking official sites like American Medical Association, etc. but I like to read about personal experiences most and interact with people (even if it’s virtual). 😀



    I just found a great anatomy web site (in my opinion at least!)


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