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    I’m feeling pretty low, and just really need to vent. Sorry πŸ™ .

    I have just about had it with this process and with the way my life has gone lately. I have relatively happy kids and so-so marriage, but left my career to move with dh for his job. Spent some time home with children, and then went back to take some prereq’s for medschool. Got close, but not in in last cycle. Burned out from getting rejected. Can’t even seem to get a crappy job in my old field b/c my absence from it probably looks suspect now….

    I am feeling frumpy, old and very grumpy! I have put on weight during this process and feel terrible about that. My temper has started to affect my relationships… I feel like I am in a bit of a downward spiral. :guilty: I just can’t seem to find peace or happiness in my life anymore.

    Thanks for listening. :weeping:


    I am sorry you are feeling down πŸ™ . Do not be too hard on yourself. I know how you feel. :tired: Just wanted to say it will be ok :grouphug:

    Take care


    hey — just remember:

    Everyone is having trouble finding work now. The economy is still very crap. I have friends who’ve been out of work in their fields for three years. Smart, top-of-their-class kind of people. So it’s not you, it’s the economy. That’s also making grad school much harder to get into; there’s just so many people taking refuge now.

    If your weight’s getting you down, try the day-at-a-time thing. Go for a walk, join a gym, go through the kitchen and clear out the junk food. Remember that it didn’t all go on in a week, and it’ll take a while coming off — and that in the end it’s adipose tissue, not some reflection of your character. I’m having to remind myself of this too — I knew the pregnancy weight wasn’t going to all fall off immediately, and that breastfeeding might keep it around longer, but somehow I’ve got this idea that it should all come off now. Which is silly. I finally got a haircut & went to the mall a few days ago, got some nice casual clothes in my (temporary πŸ˜‰ new size), and I feel much better now.

    Keep us posted on how you’re feeling —



    I agree about the exercise thing. I also understand how hard it is to motivate yourself to do it when you’re down. I’ve lived with a kind of chronic, lowgrade depression most of my life, so I get it.

    Here’s what I’ve started to do that seems to help my mood, if not my waistline (which seems stuck at about 32 inches, no matter what I do). I set myself up to exercise. Last fall, I signed up for a 40 mile walk for breast cancer, which forced me to train throughout the spring. This fall, I’ve signed myself up for Taekwondo classes in PE. For a grade. This may be a mistake, ’cause every time I go, I limp out of there, but at least I’m going.

    Keep your chin up,


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