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    I’m sure this also applies in medicine too, but I have several friends seeking part-time opportunities for several months now. They have come up with nothing, their conclusion is to find a full-time job and then ask to go part-time. Has anyone tried this strategy, does it work? How have you found part-time work or are you still looking? I’m been looking for part-time myself and can never find anything that is OK. I’m interested in all careers too.



    That’s an interesting question. I had never thought of taking a full time job and then asking to go part time, but when I applied for my current job, the regional clinic director said more than once “…and this is a full-time position.” Finally I just asked him why he kept saying that, and he said “Well, a lot of women want a part time job, and I just wanted you to know that we don’t have any part time physician positions, we only have full time doctors.” Which was fine with me, because their “Full time” is part time for someone in private practice, which was my other option!

    A hint from my management-major husband: If you don’t need a benefits package (because you are covered through your husband’s, for instance) make sure you bring that up when interviewing or applying. Some managers avoid part time hires because they don’t want to pay benefits, or have someone come on just to leave quickly for a better job with benefits.

    Good luck finding something! 😀


    Finding part time positions is very tough, especially for specialists. I started my current job as full time and intended to stay that way. However, when my last child (#3) was born, I decided to cut back. And because I had already made partner, this was feasible. My partners (all male) were not happy with the situation. As a compromise, I am still taking full call and I have to cover my own patients in the hospital during the work week (which means I round on my hospital patients daily but I only see outpatients in the office 3-4 days a week). It is not perfect but it is a lot better for me and my family than the 80+ hour weeks that I was doing before I went part time. I think there is more flexibility in academic medicine than private practice but neither boads a tremendous opportunity for part time positions. 😡 As more women matriculate into medicine, this will likely change and improve.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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